Extinction Level Geo-Engineering Experiment Begins in January

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You think you have seen geo-engineering? With a Mini-Ice creeping over the globe geo-engineers are coming out of the closet to simulate volcanic activity in our atmosphere to cool our planet.  We are already seeing the impact of global cooling due to the sun cycle but this will exponentially change the climate.  The goal is to dim the planet to cool it off simulating volcanic activity.

This experiment will dim our planet already more than it has been dimmed.  Since 1970 our planet has dimmed more than 30 percent.  This  bodes ill health for all life on earth.   

While the official line is that this experiment will begin in January there is some evidence that it may have already begun.  I have a source who was viewing some satellite data and became alarmed when the whole earth was enveloped by a cloud-like layer this week that had never been seen before.

They will be spraying, at first calcium carbonate, but that will change over time. Side effects of calcium carbonate include:

  • Taste Problems
  • Constipation
  • Feel Like Throwing Up
  • Intense Abdominal Pain
  • High Amount Of Calcium In The Blood
  • Impacted Stool
  • Kidney Stone
  • Loss Of Appetite
  • Swollen Ankles Or Feet
  • Swelling Of The Abdomen
  • Alkalosis

You can expect your food prices to increase and experience unavailability of certain foods at certain times..  For the past decade or so I have been experimenting with growing foods from hostile climates such as Siberia and even growing those I have been noticing a steady decline in production and the size of the plants.  This is before this experiment even begins.  From what I can determine, there are several components other than just the geo-engineering at work, such as nanotechnology and atmospheric modulation.

And by the way there will be a global tax that you must pay because they successfully cooled the planet even though it as from natural causes.

One needs to begin thinking scientists and governance dictators knew this solar cycle was going to happen and perfectly timed things to align various projects such as transhumanism, synthetic life, and the huge focus on adapting humanity to hostile environments by engineering them.

This will prove to be a chilly affair.  Prepare to stay warm.

Shepherds Heart

6 thoughts on “Extinction Level Geo-Engineering Experiment Begins in January

  1. “Since 1970 our planet has dimmed more than 30 percent.”

    That’s a jaw-dropping sentence right there. And in my deepest self I believe it’s true. Why? Because my eyes tell me so.

    I remember childhood in the summer, in the sun, in the yard, catching bees off of hollyhocks, the brightness around me, shimmering, glowing. So bright. Myself, as well, Bright. Almost happy-bright. The bees, the flowers, the grass, the trees. Alive in light. Nourished and sustained.

    I no longer see such brightness. (sad face)

    DIM US NOT!!!


  2. Can’t these f$&kers ever just leave the environment alone? Like politicians, all they do is create unnecessary problems and poke their nose in things that don’t concern them. Kinda like Microsoft, Walmart and Disney to name a few.

    Oh wait! What am I saying? There’s no such thing as chem-trails. Only contrails. Man, I gotta get rid of my tin foil hat and stop looking up all the time. (Sarcasm)

    1. That movie is DEFINITELY a great revealing if I’ve ever seen one. It pisses me off they try to sell it as an unforeseen consequence of their meddling, as if they were trying to be “helpful” in altering the climate. They have NEVER been helpful without furthering their own gains one hundredfold. Psychotic POS’s!!!!!!!!!

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