F-16 loss, a humiliation for Israel

An Israeli F-16 jet is taking off. (file photo)Press TV

Israel announced on July 8 that one of their F-16s suffered a mechanical failure off the coast of Gaza. A military spokesman for the Israeli Air Force (IAF) said both pilots were recovered. The plane is said to have crashed into the Mediterranean Sea.

Almost no part of this story is true. It makes as much sense as the story of the American Navy putting 22 Navy Seals on a National Guard helicopter. Nobody bought that one.   

Israel did lose an F-16. They are unable to hide the fact that one of their first line aircraft is no longer in “inventory.”

Did Israel, as multiple reports now indicate, and perhaps even confirm, really lose an F-16 and its crew of two to a Syrian S-300 missile 48 hours before the claimed incident and over 400 miles from the claimed location?

On May 4, 2013, the Syrian Navy sunk an Israeli Dolphin submarine. Israel, unwilling to accept the public humiliation of such a loss: a disaster of such a proportion to its citizens has been repainting hull numbers and shuffling crew rosters on its remaining submarines for two months.

Lost aircraft, or something like a Dolphin submarine, especially during an offensive operation, are routinely never disclosed to the public for a variety of reason. Informed sources have disclosed that the F-16 training accident reported off the coast of Gaza was cover for their plane lost in the Syrian warehouse attack which is claimed was targeted as an S-300 component part base.

This ‘attack’ sounded fishy to us right away, starting with it being reported by Global Research which is an organization rumored to have “complex allegiances.”

First, these missiles systems are roll on roll off mobile launching systems designed to be deployed rapidly. Upon arrival they can be ready to fire within…well…you wouldn’t believe it.

Second, S-300 components or inventory missiles would never be stored in an exposed warehouse facility where they would be sitting ducks. Each missile battalion moves continually and keeps its inventory moving with it.

Historically, the most effective way of destroying S-300 missiles is by crashing aircraft into them or, perhaps, the other way around.

Third, highly trained pilots, and Israel has them, are trained to defeat air defense systems. That said, the Israelis could possibly initiate and attack flying in at 50 feet. Our sources tell us the explosion in the photo shown by Global Research fit that of a 2000lb iron bomb, the standard payload for an F-16B. But while getting in is one thing, getting out alive is something entirely different.

For the Israelis not losing pilots has been a major morale booster for their people for decades now. During the 1973 war, Soviet SAMS over Syria destroyed much of the Israeli Air Force. American planes were quickly repainted with the Israeli Star of David with American pilots thrown into the breach, something long left out of that story even after all of this time.

This was the real reason for the oil embargo against the United States that put the American economy into a free fall that we have yet to recover from.

The Israelis have their nuclear weapons to threaten a Sampson option response, but that would be the end of the Zionist experiment, and unfortunately a lot of Holy Land architecture. But for the Zionists to confront Russia, or any major power they have not already neutralized is something they know they can’t do. They have to count on the US to act as their attack dog.

We would never have known that there was an attack had Israel chosen not to gloat by leaking their “triumph” through the blogosphere. The loss of a single aircraft would not be an embarrassment were it not for two minor issues.

Nothing debunks the success of a mission to destroy air defenses more than losing a plane to those defenses. High level sources in the Department of Defense indicate that Israel has long bragged of their ability to use “homegrown” ECM (Electronic Counter Measures) to defeat S-300.

When Israel next calls the Pentagon, yarmulke in hand, egg on their face, their tone will be more restrained.

Need we discuss the 2% success rate of the Iron Dome?

The loss of a single aircraft is relatively easy to sweep under the rug, but a major engagement would see the planes raining down like they did in 1973, though a complete media lock down kept that information from becoming common knowledge.

One of the reasons America has been so aggressive in forward basing is to get their missiles in strategic positions to be used for effective offense or defense in the region.

As the new Russian missile defense technology which will make conventional piloted planes deathtraps is fully deployed, the West’s abilities to take land by force without significant consequences will be history.

All planned attacks have contingency plans of cover and deception built into them to hide the failed missions from their own citizens. They do this through the liberal use of national security classifications that hide the truth from the American people.

This has been an ongoing threat to American national security for some time as mistakes never acknowledged can never be fixed. The designation of operations as classified or top secret can also be used to cover up those that serve the interests of foreign governments while undermining American interests.

The real cause of death, if these pilots did die, is hubris. Syria will never admit the attack. Syria can’t even claim the “kill.”

They fear Israeli desperation, and well they should.



8 thoughts on “F-16 loss, a humiliation for Israel

  1. See, this is where the water muddies up so much for was not one of the Rabid Rabbi’s in Moscow once again to remonstrate with Putin not to deliver the S300’s?

    That itself says to me that Israel doesn’t know if Assad has them or not.

    Yet I am beginning to admire perhaps what has been an excellent demonstration of Putin’s grandmaster chess mind as the facts fit if you look at it one way.

    My hypothesis is thus: Putin tells Assad to “leak” to the FSA that all the S300 ordnance is in such and such warehouse and obviously there needs to be stuff in there to make a bang but the FSA report back to the West or Israel that there is this juicy prize just sitting there, unguarded, ready for the taking and the bait is taken but as the F16 is making for home for tea and medals, in that moment of exultation a blip appears a few seconds before the Yakhont strikes and perhaps a pointed lesson given to all.

    We will soon know as Israel always seems to need to reassert its machismo by pounding Lebanon or Gaza after it suffers setbacks.

  2. “When Israel next calls the Pentagon, yarmulke in hand, egg on their face, their tone will be more restrained.”

    BS — They’ll demand a new F-16 and Obama will do as he’s told.

    They probably have the “lost” plane up for sale to the highest bidder.

  3. A real tragedy. My heart breaks for them.



  4. Awwww poor wittle Iswael wost their wittle pwane. I’m sure their puppets in the District of Criminals will gladly give them five more for free. After all, it’s not the puppets money.

  5. The “Zimmerman Distraction” hasn’t worked on everyone. It tickles the cockles of my heart to see that Fascist Theocracy having tough times. Even though their target was not the hardware they took out, you can be sure there were numerous “Syrian” rebels taken out in that strike. It puts a smile on my face in the knowledge that Assad managed to get those Bolshevik bastards to kill their own special ops thugs……BRILLIANT!
    The days of that terrorist state are numbered. When they’re toast…I’m going to have a big barbecue to celebrate the cleansing of Palestine.
    Who gives a shit about the ancient architecture lost in that unholy place. Most of it celebrates the bestiality of inbreeds like King David, Solomon and the other sociopaths, human traffickers and pedophiles mentioned in the outrageous unproven claims about being “chosen” and “superior” in that racist fairytale known as the Bible. Inbreeding does not make one “superior”; it makes for psychopaths, retards and freaks; which explains the state of that illegitimate experiment called Israhell. All they know is lies and exaggerations, the biggest one being the “holocaust” AKA the HOLOHOAX to extort reparations for alleged criminal actions that have absolutely no forensic evidence to support their vicious slander.
    The only ones killing Jews are other Jews who blame it on everyone else. These are the same Jews who control the MSM in their biased “reporting” and outright lies which they are intent on using to cause racial strife in the USA. They were the main influence in making sure George Zimmerman was found “not guilty” so they could stir the pot and incite widespread rioting that would result in martial law.
    Hopefully; saner minds will prevail and expose “the tribe” for what they are. The Fascist (NAZI) Theocracy of Apartheid Israel should be destroyed and the land historically known as “PALESTINE” be returned to the Palestinians of Islamic, Jewish and Christian faiths. They got along and prospered until ships like the “Exodus” unloaded their vile cargo of sub-human waste, pedophile Rabbis, slave traders, organ thieves, and sociopaths in absolute depths of uncommon depravity.
    Why we haven’t learned anything from the Levon Affair, USS Liberty, USS Cole, and “911” (to name a few of many) all false flags to get the US to destroy their “enemies”. “Enemies” who were not militaristic, but competing economies who hurt their “bottom line”. They hate fair competition. They earn nothing. Every penny in their coffers is BLOOD MONEY. Their “industry” is all stolen intellectual property. Their only “product” is international terrorism, hatred of all non-Jews and an unbridled lust for innocent blood.

  6. I’m afraid that I cannot believe this one. I want to but all of the stories that mention the downed F16 and Sub all link to one another and nowhere at all can I find anything to substantiate any of it (espec. the hull number painting bit).
    I suspect(sadly) this is total BS.

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