FBI Says Americans More Dangerous Than ISIS Invasion

Proof! FBI Says Americans More Dangerous Than ISIS Invasion FBIMeetingSmallPrison Planet – by Mikael Thalen

An FBI presentation at a recent Georgia business meeting claims that “homegrown extremists” are more dangerous than the Islamic State or ISIS terrorist group.

Exclusive photographs provided to Infowars from a local business owner show an FBI power point presentation placing “homegrown” groups at the top of the agency’s terror watch list.  

According to the business owner,the FBI agent, referred to as Special Agent Johnson, completely glossed over the looming ISIS threat to instead focus on American citizens.

Shockingly, as Agent Johnson broke for questions, a man named Mohammed in the crowd reportedly began screaming that ISIS had already arrived in the United States:

A middle eastern man, that has never been there, stands up and introduces himself as Mohammad. He is from Iraq and begins to give everyone in the crowd a dissertation on his life, journey and tells us and the FBI guy that we have it all wrong. He tells us that we will never win against terrorists because we try to fix only the branches but never the root and the root of Islam is strong and growing. Then he offers a document to the FBI guy, telling him that he has evidence. Everyone chuckles! Then he says, ‘ISIS is here, let me repeat ISIS is here and you don’t know who we are, we are business leaders, business owners, your customers. You don’t know who they are. And one day they will come and show themselves and then they will attack and stab us in our back!’ while waving his had like wielding a knife.

The FBI asks if there is anymore questions so I quickly raise my hand, not knowing what I am going to say. He calls on me. I thank him and the FBI for there service and his wonderful presentation. I ask my question: With all the wonderful things the FBI is doing to protect us and keep us safe in Atlanta, what are you doing about the pink elephant in the room? The failed policies of this administration have left our borders wide open and terrorist are walking across in our back yard. What are you doing to protect my family and friends? He quickly doges the question by blaming it on politics and that it’s not his district. Then they quickly shut me down and rush him off stage for pics.

Proof! FBI Says Americans More Dangerous Than ISIS Invasion FBIPhotoOp

Proof! FBI Says Americans More Dangerous Than ISIS Invasion businessmeeting

Attempting to talk to Agent Johnson about the open border after his photo op, the business owner says he was approached by police who told him that his “meeting was over.”

The agent’s brief mention of ISIS is surprisingly even more detailed than the FBI’s recent “National Threat Assessment for Domestic Extremism” document, which completely omits the threat of jihadist extremists.

Similarly, the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START) alsoclaim that domestic groups pose a greater threat than any other.

Internal documents often show a much more clear picture of who the government truly deems a threat.

Earlier this year, Army troops at Mississippi’s Camp Shelby exposed a new military training course which labeled the American Family Association, a mainstream Christian ministry, a domestic hate group similar to the Ku Klux Klan. Military veteransand supporters of “individual liberties” and “small decentralized government” have been deemed a major threat as well.

Meanwhile, as reports indicate a possible “car bomb” or other vehicle borne improvised explosive devices (VBIED) being used by ISIS in Texas, the border remains wide open. A seperate picture posted to social media from inside the US appears to show a man with a patch on his right shoulder that resembles the black flag of ISIS.

While in El Paso, Texas, Infowars reporter Joe Biggs was informed that the Vice President of the Border Patrol Council was silenced from talking about the risk on the border.

To show just how unsecure the border is, Biggs walked into the United States from Mexico on Thursday while dressed as an ISIS jihadists holding a fake severed head.


2 thoughts on “FBI Says Americans More Dangerous Than ISIS Invasion

  1. There you go! Now that’s the treasonous government I know. Always We the People are the worst terrorists and NOT some foreign country.

    Phew!! I was getting worried there for a minute when the propaganda ministry was all leaning towards ISIS being the next big threat. It seemed to veer off from their usual propaganda. (sarcasm) 🙄

  2. “An FBI presentation at a recent Georgia business meeting claims that “homegrown extremists” are more dangerous than the Islamic State or ISIS terrorist group.”


    They control IS (ISIS/ISIL), but not patriots.

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