Fear: Rise of Islamic State tests GOP anti-interventionists. Biden: We Will Follow ISIS ‘To The Gates Of Hell’. Globalists Push EU-style “Union” for Middle East.

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: A sudden shift in republican politics? The republicans have been warmongering for years, this is nothing new. Neither party stands with the Constitution loving American public. Rand Paul is an advocate for the use of drones over your head, we covered that a few months ago. ISIS is a manufactured crisis by the US and other Western Governments which are controlled by the globalists. The globalists who are comprised partly of the children of Satan who lead the globalist agenda have been pushing for global government since the fall of Babel. This is the goal of the manufactured ISIS crisis. Along with other “trouble” in the world which would include the global financial system. The deception runs extremely deep and I hope you can see through it. This is only a taste of what we will see when Satan stands in the holy place claiming to be God.     

Rise of Islamic State tests GOP anti-interventionists
Video (Source: Washington Post) – A roiling national debate over how to deal with the radical Islamic State and other global hot spots has prompted a sudden shift in Republican politics, putting a halt to the anti-interventionist mood that had been gaining credence in the party.

The change is evident on the campaign trail ahead of the November midterm elections and in recent appearances by the GOP’s prospective 2016 presidential candidates, with a near-universal embrace of stronger military actions against the group that has beheaded two American journalists. – Read More – Washington Post


Biden: We Will Follow ISIS ‘To The Gates Of Hell’
(Source: Infowars– During a speaking engagement in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Vice President Joe Biden claimed that the United States would follow ISIS “to the gates of hell.” Little mention was made of the Obama Administration’s continued support of jihadists in countries like Syria. – Infowars

Globalists Push EU-style “Union” for Middle East
(Source: The New American– As if globalist scheming had not yet caused enough death and destruction in the Middle East, the global government-promoting Council on Foreign Relations and various outfits associated with the secretive Bilderberg group are now pushing a radical new plot for the region: a European Union-style regional regime to rule over the Arab, Turkish, Kurdish, and other peoples who live there. The sought-after “Middle Eastern Union” would put populations ranging from Turkey and Jordan to Libya and Egypt under a single authority.

If the plot moves forward, like in other areas, it would usurp from the peoples of the region their right to self-government and national sovereignty. It would also advance the longtime establishment goal of setting up regional regimes on the path to a more formal system of “global governance.” Already, the peoples of Europe, Africa, South America, Asia, and other regions have had self-styled regional “authorities” imposed on them against their will. In the Middle East, numerous similar efforts such as the Gulf Cooperation Council and the Arab League have been making progress, too. – Read More – The New American 


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