Female Suspect in Paris Attacks Appears in Passport Control Video

Published on Jan 13, 2015 by NTDTV

Video is released purportedly showing the female accomplice in the Paris Islamist Militant attacks going through passport control in Turkey.

Full Story:

This is surveillance video obtained by a Turkish newspaper, and it claims to show the female accomplice in the Paris attacks.

The suspect is 26-year-old Hayat Boumeddiene, reportedly going through passport security in Istanbul on January 2, accompanied by a man police ID’d as Mahdi Sabri Belhoucine.

French authorities have been looking for her after anti-terrorism police on Friday killed her partner ….

… Amedy Coulibaly, the Islamist gunman who killed four hostages in one of the two Paris attacks, inside a Jewish supermarket.

Turkish Interior Minister Efkan Ala says Turkey shouldn’t be blamed for letting Boumeddiene cross through its border because French authorities didn’t alert them.

[Efkan Ala, Turkish Interior Minister]:
“There was no notice from France on this person stating that she is dangerous and she should be banned from entering the country. Therefore, there isn’t a specific entry ban on this person. We confirmed that she came from Madrid. We retained this information by taking initiative on our own, without any request.”

Turkish authorities think Boumeddiene entered Turkey five days before the Paris killings started — and crossed into Syria through this border control on January 8, when the three gunmen in the attacks were still on the run.

There was initially some confusion about whether she was at the supermarket during the siege, and escaped when police stormed in.

A Turkish newspaper says the last signal from Boumeddiene’s mobile phone was from a Syrian border town just on the other side of that crossing… after which she seems to have vanished.

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