Are You Living In A Free Society? Why Not?

Published on Aug 8, 2012 by NewAmericaNow

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The Bill…
Prognosis for this bill states, “This bill has a 0% chance of being enacted.”

Read from an article by a piece from Simon Black…

8 thoughts on “Are You Living In A Free Society? Why Not?

  1. Of course we don’t live in a free society. Haven’t for years. And its not going to change without much turmoil and probably bloodshed.

  2. He says that (3:55) ” people are beginning to realize the incredible fraud that has been perpetrated against them”

    We are not victims of THIS society. We are self-mutilators of OUR society.

    1. Absolutely Nottoobitter. Apathy is consent. The mantra of the nwo. If we do nothing after being shown their intentions with blatant evidence they are held unaccountable and guiltless in their eyes.

  3. I watched several flocks of geese fly south a couple weeks back. somehow
    at that moment i realized how free they were and how enslaved i was.
    they didn’t need a travel permit, didn’t need a flight license, they weren’t
    frisked by tsa at the airport before they departed, they can land and eat
    or use the bathroom anywhere they choose. and they ultimately determine
    where/when/and how they live. to me that is the definition of true freedom. to
    do the thing you want and need to, without bothering anyone or thing and without any external interference.

    1. Yea, they are free until hunting season comes. Then it’s open season on any of them. After that, they become no different than any one of us in that respect. 😉

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