Undercover cop shot by head of narcotics department in meth drug bust outside McDonald’s

UPI – by Andrew V. Pestano

ALBUQUERQUE, Jan. 13 (UPI) — An undercover police officer was shot multiple times by another cop in Albuquerque, N.M., in a problematic drug bust attempting to arrest two suspects for selling $60 worth of methamphetamine.

The shooting took place in a McDonald’s parking lot. The undercover police officer was shot by Lt. Greg Brachle, an 18-year-veteran and the leader of Albuquerque Police Department’s narcotics unit.  

In a criminal complaint, charges were filed against the two suspects in the drug investigation. The complaint also identifies the undercover officers as detectives Jacob Grant and Holly Garcia, the Albuquerque Journal reports.

Jacob Grant is the officer who was shot by Brachle.

Officers Grant and Garcia bought methamphetamine from suspects Damian Bailey and Edmond Vester. Details have not been released about the circumstances of the shooting other than plans in the operation were changed last-minute and the undercover police officers had to reveal themselves as police after a perceived threat emerged.

The suspects were taken into custody for drug trafficking charges.

The shooting took place Friday. Grant underwent multiple surgeries and remains in critical condition as of Monday.

Albuquerque Police Department is still investigating the incident.

Recently in Albuquerque, two officers were charged with the murder of a mentally ill homeless man.

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9 thoughts on “Undercover cop shot by head of narcotics department in meth drug bust outside McDonald’s

  1. The Albuquerque Police Department is so messed up that they’re even starting to shoot each other. I can picture Diggerdan looking down and smiling!

    1. Haha! I was thinking that same thing after reading the title, Sunfire. They went from shooting people on the street to shooting their own. Maybe they all need to take a psyche evaluation. I’m sure they’d all fail, but still be able to keep their jobs. After all, the Israeli military is training them to be better policemen, so what could go wrong, right? 🙄

    1. was going to say something very close to this ..

      seems if they want to act the way they are lately , than it only comes to reason it can back fire and the out come can be against their numbers ..in other words this time a thug shot another thug and there wasnt any riot and not many really care .. they too can be their own worst enemy , especially with this kill first and tell everyone you feared for your life mentality of the cops these days

  2. I just love it when a plan comes together like it should,if all the pigs shoot each other things would get a lot better.It would be great if DHS were to do the same thing! Now comes the lip service to explain it away and deflect any criticism.

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