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Final two shots from Stephen Paddock’s handgun contradict official narrative of suicide

Intellihub – by Shepard Ambellas

LAS VEGAS (INTELLIHUB) — The 1 October massacre at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival ended with two single gunshots that were fired less than a minute after the last fully automatic volley stopped, contradicting the official narrative given to the public.

The two single gunshots can be heard at 3:25 and at 3:36 into the following video, trailing the last fully automatic volley of gunfire by 38 seconds.  

If Stephen Paddock truly was the shooter as authorities claim and committed suicide by a ‘self-inflicted gunshot wound to the mouth’ then who fired the second shot from the handgun?

It is also important to point out that there appears to be a separate blood stain on the dead guy’s lower-chest as if he may have sustained an additional gunshot wound not reported by law enforcement. Do you remember when Sheriff Lombardo admitted that one of his officers accidentally discharged their weapon in the room? They are claiming the officer fired one shot but two shots can be heard in the bus stop video and they appear to both sound like they were fired from the same weapon, not two different weapons.

If Paddock had killed himself as Sheriff Lombardo claims, then why would he have shot himself in the lower-chest then in the mouth? Wouldn’t that hurt? It just makes no sense. If one wanted to get the job done they would shoot only once and the shot would be to the head. It almost sounds like the typical ‘double tap’ method was used — one to the chest then one to the head to finish him off. This could signify an assassination.

Was Paddock a patsy?

Upon deep analysis of the leaked crime scene photos, Intellihub has determined that a .357 Magnum S&W Model 640-1 is the gun pictured several feet away from the dead guy’s head.

The same model gun is pictured here.

Additionally, several .223 caliber or 5.56x45mm shell casings can be seen laying on top of blood pools, stains, which indicate the shells were sprinkled out later, spread out, likely by someone mocking up or staging the scene.

Moreover, it has been determined by online sleuths that the dead guy’s body was likely rolled over, against F.B.I. and LVMPD homicide investigation protocol. This is evident, due to the fact that a dry blood stain which emitted from the dead guy’s face at an earlier time was covered over by a fresh pool of blood which leaked out of the exit wound in the back of the dead guy’s head once the body was rolled over. So who rolled the dead guy over and why?

To top it all off, it has been confirmed by investigative reported Jake Morphonios that the same type of handgun was spotted by a homeless man on the day of the shooting after it and other weapons were stolen out of the back of a pickup truck in the vicinity of the Hard Rock Cafe and Club Blue Green and put up for sale at an undisclosed location. According to the witnesses, the guns were in ‘black cases.’ These black cases were also spotted being carried by several other people on the night of the shooting, as Intellihub reported on 21 Oct.

Although, the man who saw the stolen guns on the day of the shooting said that one of the guns he saw was a “Judge,” Intellihub is confident that the gun was actually a .357 Magnum S&W Model 640-1 which looks similar.

It looks like both the F.B.I. and LVMPD has some explaining to do.


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5 Responses to Final two shots from Stephen Paddock’s handgun contradict official narrative of suicide

  1. Jolly Roger says:

    What “official narrative”? I think their new tactic is to change the story every four hours so a new one appears as soon as the last one is proven to be a lie.

    Haven’t we had about six “official narratives” already? The only thing we know for sure is that a lot of people died, everything “government” had to say about it has been a lie.

  2. Darzak says:

    We already know that the dead guy in the room does not physiologically match the photos we are told is the REAL Stephen Paddock (the detached ear lobes do not detach themselves upon death). Everything else is fishy, so why would we believe anything these official liars put forth?

  3. Ed Teach says:

    Fully automatic volley?
    But but it was a bump stock.
    Thats not fully auto. Thats rate increasing whatever the f?ck that means.

    Intellihub is a joke with phoneys running the show.

  4. brandon anthony says:

    this is the only report ive read about that second shot. I remember seeing a double tap. one center mass and one sleeper. thank you. I know I wasn’t “misremembering”.

  5. Jim says:

    Also – If you look at the “crime scene” pictures of the various rifles in the room you will notice not one of them is equipped with a bump stock.

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