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What’s Next? A Swat Raid On Julian Assange?

Another Day in the Empire – by Kurt Nimmo Trump’s AG wants to arrest Julian Assange. It’s not clear how he plans to do this. Assange is in the Ecuadoran embassy in London. 

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As Reports of Assange Arrest Warrant Emerge, Who Will Defend WikiLeaks?

Common Dreams – by Jon Queally The Trump administration in the United States has prepared criminal charges in order to arrest Julian Assange, founder and publisher of the media outlet WikiLeaks, CNN reported on Thursday. Citing “U.S. officials familiar with … Continue reading

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The Transformation Of Our Nation Into A Complete Surveillance State Is Almost In Place: “You’re Known, Your Vehicle Is Known, Your Daily Itinerary, Shopping Habits… It’s All Being Recorded”

SHTF Plan – by Jeremiah Johnson The headlines are awash with the recent tensions with North Korea, and most are focused intently upon this act of the play that has been running hot for several years, now.  Akin to the … Continue reading

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Neil Gorsuch: Bill of Rights Added Because Founding Fathers Were ‘Jealous of Their Liberties’

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins During last week’s confirmation hearings, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch explained that the Founding Fathers hedged in the right to keep and bear arms because they were “jealous of their liberties.” He said this in … Continue reading

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Report: Steve Bannon Says American Health Care Act ‘Written by the Insurance Industry’

Breitbart Gabriel Sherman writes that White House chief strategist and former Breitbart News executive chairman Steve Bannon has privately expressed concern that the American Health Care Act (AHCA) betrays the populist voters who put Donald Trump in the White House. … Continue reading

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Coulter: Trump Administration Starting to Look Like Every Other GOP Administration — Get Back to Immigration, Jobs, Trade

Breitbart – by Jeff Poor Tuesday on Sean Hannity’s nationally syndicated radio show, conservative commentator Ann Coulter, author of “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” warned Trump to get past health care policy and tax cuts and resume working … Continue reading

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Chris Hayes: 2nd Amendment Defenders Spurred ‘Arms Race’ Between Citizens and Cops

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins In a March 21 Vanity Faircolumn, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes suggests Second Amendment defenders have contributed to an “arms race” because of citizens and law enforcement. He suggests this has happened as a result of the contention … Continue reading

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CIA contractors likely source of latest WikiLeaks release: U.S. officials

Reuters Contractors likely breached security and handed over documents describing the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of hacking tools to anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, U.S. intelligence and law enforcement officials told Reuters on Wednesday. Two officials speaking on condition of anonymity said … Continue reading

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This foam stops bullets cold and pulverizes them to dust

Fox News – by Allison Barrie Foam body armor? Even armor-piercing bullets cannot get through this foam. And the foam doesn’t just stop bullets. It destroys them…this foam decimates bullets into dust. North Carolina State University Professor Afsaneh Rabiei led … Continue reading

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#PatriotLivesMatter: Betrayal Behind Oregon Shooting

Daily Headlines – by Culture Vigilante By now just about everyone who has been following the Oregon standoff has seen the edited video, as previously reported on DH. As details unfold a number of questions arise as to the ambush of … Continue reading

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Court denies bail to Ammon Bundy & 3 others as Oregon occupation continues

RT A federal court judge in Portland has denied bail to Ammon Bundy and three of his cohorts as the occupation of a federal wildlife refuge building in Burns, Oregon continues. The FBI says four people remain there as the … Continue reading

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Europe’s Nuclear Secret – US Carelessness Could Recoil

CNN iReport – by Drlamba From 1999 through 2010, Time magazine wrote a number of articles about “Europe’s dirty secret.” What is that secret? The fact that America stores hundreds of nuclear weapons there. Most people are completely unaware of this … Continue reading

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The History of The House of Rothschild

I am the Witness – by Andrew Hitchcock The Rothschilds have been in control of the world for a very long time, and I produce my evidence for this below in a timeline. The Rothschilds have, with their founding of Zionism, … Continue reading

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Ryan-Murray budget deal hikes air travel security tax by 124 percent

The Daily Caller – by Vince Coglianese The newly-released budget deal between Democratic Sen. Patty Murray and Republican Rep. Paul Ryan will hike the aviation security fee paid by air travelers by 124 percent, if passed. Murray and Ryan settled on an agreement that would … Continue reading

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Invasive cockroach found in NYC can take the cold

Yahoo News – by FRANK ELTMAN NEW YORK (AP) — The High Line, a park that turned a dilapidated stretch of elevated railway on Manhattan’s West Side into one of New York’s newest tourist attractions, may have brought a different kind … Continue reading

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Gunman Told Police He Acted Alone in LAX Shooting

ABC News – by TAMI ABDOLLAH Associated Press The 23-year-old charged as the gunman in the deadly shooting at Los Angeles International Airport told authorities at the scene that he acted alone and had been dropped off by a friend, a … Continue reading

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Do-Gooder Replaces Woman’s Stolen Bike — But There’s a Catch

Yahoo Shine – by Elise Solé When someone stole 19-year-old Olgi Freyre’s beloved bicycle, she didn’t just get upset, she publicly posted an angry note to the thief, hoping he would see it. Luckily, a Good Samaritan read it — and … Continue reading

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Officials Discover Child Trafficked From Somalia to UK to Harvest Her Organs

Life News – by Wesley J. Smith The first case of a child smuggled into the UK to be organ harvested has been uncovered. From the Telegraph story: The first case of a child being trafficked to Britain in order to have their organs … Continue reading

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Obama to Issue More Executive Actions on Gun Control After Navy Yard Shooting

Town Hall – by Katie Pavlich We knew this was coming. Yesterday, before launching into a highly politicized speech in which he berated Republicans, President Barack Obama took a moment to address the rampage carried out by madman Aaron Alexis at … Continue reading

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$2,472,542,000,000: Record Taxation Through August; Deficit Still $755B

CNS News – by Terence P. Jeffrey The federal government raked in a record of approximately $2,472,542,000,000 in tax revenues through the first eleven months of fiscal 2013, which ran from Oct. 1, 2012 through the end of August, according to … Continue reading

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