Image: Walmart converting 65% of its stores to “automation” – human employees will be let go

(Natural News) At its annual investor meeting in Tampa, retail giant Walmart announced that over the next three years, it plans to convert 65 percent of its stores to a model of “automation.” Continue reading “Walmart converting 65% of its stores to “automation” – human employees will be let go by Ethan Huff”

Surveillance photographs and video footage shows the 28-year-old transgender suspect who attacked the Nashville Christian school was using a carbine which fires pistol rounds, not an AR-15.

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A top Catholic archbishop has issued a warning about the “immense threat” that globalism poses to the future of civilization.

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Democrat senators, led by Sens.  and Bob Mendez, are calling on the departments of the Treasury and Justice to take action after credit card companies’ refusal to track gun purchases.

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The Hill reported the order will address a category of gun sellers “who do not realize they are required to run background checks under existing law, or who are willfully violating existing law, become compliant with background check requirements.” This will move the U.S. closer to the universal background check system that Democrats have wanted, but which Congress as a whole has refused to pass.

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Lawmakers in the state of Oregon are considering legislation which would mandate the teaching of climate change in public schools.

The only other state that is already doing this is the solidly blue state of Connecticut in liberal New England.

Public schools across the country are struggling with students who can barely read or do basic math but advancing the left’s political agenda on claimte change is being given special attention in blue Oregon.

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  • Trump pledges to build new generation of cities on federal lands, where everyone is prosperous, safe and secure with lots of police and flying cars
  • Everyone who is awake knows that all modern cities are being developed or redeveloped as ‘smart cities’
  • And what is a ‘smart city’? Maybe Trump doesn’t know, or is he just playing us?
  • Trump’s history of talking tough against globalists but then kow-towing to their demands, like he did with the vax, should give us pause.

March 6, 2023

For several years now, myself and others with an eye toward the future have been warning people to get out of the cities or risk becoming a ward of the burgeoning technocratic “beast” system.

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The Washington Examiner reported new information Tuesday from a Gun Owners of America (GOA) Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request showing the FBI “coordinated secretly with hospitals and medical centers to strip U.S. citizens of their rights to own, buy, or even use firearms.”

This news comes just months after a GOA FOIA revealed information about a form used by the FBI in an effort to secure forfeiture of Second Amendment rights.

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New data compiled by the FBI shows a historic high in the number of gun retrievals ordered as a result of failed background checks between 2020 and 2021, with more orders being issued in the history of the federal firearm background check system.

A total of 6,361 firearm retrieval referrals were issued to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) in 2020 in instances where the individual’s background check was found to be ineligible for reasons including, but not excluded to, criminal records, disqualifying military service records, mental health history, etc.

Another 5,203 referrals were issued in 2021, according to the data. 2021 added to the largest two-year total since the National Instant Criminal Background Check System began publishing data in 1998, according to USA Today.

New data compiled by the FBI shows a historic high in the number of gun retrievals ordered as a result of failed background checks between 2020 and 2021, with more orders being issued in the history of the federal firearm background check system.

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The state of Oregon is weighing a bill to give homeless and low-income people $1,000 a month in universal basic income.

The Oregon legislature is considering a bill to establish a People’s Housing Assistance Fund Demonstration Program through the state’s Department of Human Services.

Oregon’s bill is the latest in blue states looking to give handouts to people in universal basic income (UBI) programs.

According to Bill Track 50, the legislation would “provide 12 monthly payments of $1,000 to individuals who are experiencing homelessness, are at risk of homelessness, are severely rent burdened or earn at or below 60 percent of area median income.”

The bill would require a study on who is receiving the money broken down among a few demographics, including race, veteran status and risk of domestic violence.

Additionally, the bill sunsets in January 2026.

The $1,000 payments can be used at recipients’ discretion, but supporters say it will be used toward rent and other living expenses.

However, that discretion could backfire as some recipients could use the money for other costs like alcohol or drugs.

Oregon is not the first place to consider universal basic income payments.

The father of the 43-year-old alleged Michigan State University shooter is asking lawmakers to change laws so “nobody can buy guns no more.”

The Detroit News indicated that 67-year-old Michael McRae now says he does not know where his son got the two 9mm pistols he allegedly had on his person during the February 13, 2023, attack.

McRae made clear he wants laws changed to prevent the purchase of firearms, saying, “Change the gun laws. Change the gun laws so they make it where nobody can buy guns no more. … People buy guns like it don’t mean nothing. They get guns, buy guns and go around and do crazy stuff like this. You don’t make a change, you will never get there.”

He commented on his son’s alleged murder of three Michigan State students, saying, “Everybody is hurt. … I still don’t believe it. I didn’t raise him like that. I raised him in church. I don’t know what was on his mind.”

Michigan Democrats are pushing universal background checks, a gun storage law, and a red flag law in the aftermath of the Michigan State shooting. California has all these gun controls and more, yet the FBI identified California as number one for “active shooter incidents” in 2021.

Lew Rockwell – by Paul Craig Roberts

I often refer to how much of America has been eroded away during my lifetime, so much so that the country  into which I was born no longer exists.  Younger people don’t know what’s been lost as they never experienced the real America.  What is normal to people is what they are born into and grow up with.  The numerous infringements on individual freedom, for example, that exist today as normal and unquestioned would have been impossible in my youth.    Continue reading “In my Lifetime I Have Witnessed the Death of Independent Medicine and Fair Trials”

Breitbart – by Hannah Bleau

The Biden Justice Department is fighting to reverse the decision which deemed the nationwide mask mandate unlawful, hoping to gain back the power to force individuals wear masks on public transportation, including planes, once again. Continue reading “Joe Biden Justice Department Fighting to Bring Back Mask Mandates”

Gateway Pundit – by Margaret Flavin

The Biden Administration’s Department of Homeland Security announced a new relief process for illegals on Friday.

Snitch on American employers, get expedited deportation relief.   Continue reading “Biden Administration to Illegals: Snitch On American Citizens to Avoid Deportation”

ABC News

Just days after Illinois became the ninth U.S. state to ban assault rifles, the state already hit a roadblock to implementing the law: defiant sheriff’s offices.

At least 74 Illinois sheriff’s departments have publicly vowed to defy elements of a recent gun-control law signed by Gov. J.B. Pritzker, which banned assault weapons, high-capacity magazines and switches. The offices have vowed to not check if weapons are registered with the state or house individuals arrested only for not complying with the law. Continue reading “At least 74 Illinois sheriff’s departments vow to defy state assault weapons ban”

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) released its final rule on stabilizer braces Friday, noting that individuals in possession of said braces have 120 days to register them once the final rule appears in the Federal Register.  Continue reading “ATF Final Rule: Stabilizer Brace Owners Have 120 Days to Register Them”

Natural News – by JD Heyes

Officials in the “free state” of Florida are moving to bar the tracking of gun and ammunition purchases because they say such information isn’t relevant to anything except to provide it to the government at some point, which is unnecessary and none of Uncle Sam’s business.  Continue reading “Free state of Florida moves to ban tracking of firearms, ammo purchases because it’s no one’s business”