Foreign Invaders Being Brought in by the Truckload

Two semi-tractor trailers that were detained in Mexico contained 513 foreigners bound for the U.S.  410 of them were from Guatemala, 12 from India, 1 from Japan, 1 from China, and 6 from Nepal just to name a few.  This act represents a criminal trans-national organization ferrying infiltrators into the United States literally from all over the world.  Exactly what portion of the invading hordes actually makes it into the U.S. of course cannot be ascertained, but in walking through Wal-Mart I have to believe it must be around 90%.

So what is the deal here?  Are we now going to start giving amnesty to any foreign national that can make it across our southern border?  Or maybe they will only force us to legalize their children from all over the world that they bring with them under the Dream Act, that is in reality a nightmare to every U.S. citizen who is having a portion  of their property taken with every illegal that goes on welfare, enters school, and of course now college.  Not to mention 30 million of our jobs they have already taken.

Maybe the people of the United States do not fully comprehend the situation here.  There are about 350 million people in the United States at present.  And more and more natural born citizens who can trace their lineage back for generations are being forced into poverty.  Meanwhile there are 5,500,000,000 foreigners out there wanting to come to the United States to get their piece of our pie.  And why shouldn’t they as our so called government has laid down a welcome mat with a strip of red carpet leading straight to the welfare office?

We have been so betrayed.  Every time someone mentions expelling these foreign invaders the response is there is just too many of them.  Bologna.  As an empire the United States can travel half way around the world and take control of a foreign population.  Or look at the Israelis; they remove millions of Palestinians from their own country.

The outrage of the illegal invasion must stop.  Everyone reading this article needs to start contacting Rep. Ron Paul and asking him these questions.  “If we elect you as president, will you order the ejection of every single illegal invader from our country?  Not immigration reform in the form of amnesties or visa work programs, but an absolute enforcement of our laws and our borders.  Because I will tell you, Ron Paul, if you will not defend our borders and sovereignty, nothing else you say is going to matter to anyone except the rich elite who have their wealth stashed in other countries and desire slave labor in the United States.  These invaders are taking our resources which are our real property.  Will you defend this property right?”

In ending this article I tell you, I pray Ron Paul is earnest in his assertions in restoring our Constitution because if he is not, it is going to take a bloody revolution and what will we be deemed at “ethnic cleansing” in order to return this country to its rightful owners.

Thomas Jefferson said, “If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

The corporate elite are intent on using this illegal alien invasion to fulfill Jefferson’s prophesy.  These people are weak and have had everything taken from them in their own countries, so now the rich elite are bringing them here and turning over our property to them under the guise of immigration.  After they have our property, as I said it will be easily taken away from them and they will simply revert to being the same slaves they were in the countries they came from.  And we the people, the rightful owners of this country, will be forced to grovel in starvation right beside of them.

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