Raise Gas Taxes, Are You Kidding?

The Congressional Budget Office is at it again.  Every month or so they slither out of the darkness and start pushing for a mileage tax.  I swear if they have one scruple it is a lonely son of a bitch.  The mileage tax would work something like this.  Every vehicle, I would have to assume at the owner’s expense, would have to be fitted with a GPS tracking chip.  The tax would be a flat rate, so it would not matter how good of gas mileage your vehicle gets, everyone would get taxed the full amount.  That is everyone would be screwed equally.

I have heard rumors of a fluxuating mileage tax, which would work something like this.  During peak driving hours, say like in the morning and evening when those in the middle class, who are still lucky enough to have a job and are already being taxed to death, are driving to and from work, the rate will be higher.  And I have to believe that those who have not lost their semi tractors and trailers are going to be paying fluxuating rates all through the day and night.  And like all other costs associated with shipping, it will be passed on to the consumer.

So when that middle class person is paying the maximum tax driving home from work, he or she can stop by the grocery store and pay a little more.

Do they think we are blind or stupid?  They say they are going to take Social Security from the old; we say no.  Then they say, well, let us take Medicaid, food stamps, and welfare from the poor; we say no you’re not.  Now they say, let us stick it to those still working through a new disguised income tax, which in reality screws all of us but a few.  We must say no yet again.

And who wouldn’t be paying this tax?  Well the rich corporate elite of course, who fly everywhere they go, in private luxury jets.  You know, the very same puss bags who stole our $26 trillion, which is now $28 trillion and growing.  These people have never nor will ever pay taxes, though under our Constitution their profits are the only thing that is supposed to be taxed.  And that tax is to pay us for our natural resources that they make their profits from.

We must begin to press the issue of our stolen wealth as individual state attorney generals begin to investigate the top five Wall Street banks.  I believe these investigations would not be starting if it were not for the people’s refusal to just forget about the 28 trillion stolen dollars taken by the corporate banksters, that their bought and paid for politicians are trying to make the poor and middle class pay back.

As we are beginning to examine the Constitution, let’s take a look at the clause that says, “There will be no exercise of corruption of blood.”  This means the child cannot be held to account for the crimes or the debts of the parent.  In simpler terms, if a person dies owing money to a creditor, that creditor cannot go to the debtor’s child to collect payment.

Now, as our national debt has been rolling over and over again since 1913 have we not been exercising corruption of blood by transferring the parent’s debt to his or her child at birth?  This is a running violation of our Constitution and has been going on for nearly 100 years now.  And it must stop.

A child is born today owing over $46,000.  A debt incurred by generations before him or her.  But actually, they owe nothing, according to our Constitution.  Why no one has challenged this being born into debt theory under the Corruption of Blood Clause is beyond me.  But the fact is if we enforce our Constitution our grandchildren can owe the blood sucking leaches at the Federal Reserve nothing.

I as a citizen cannot collect a debt owed to me from the child of the person indebted to me.  As all power in the Constitution is granted by the people, the power to collect the parent’s debt from the child cannot exist, as we cannot grant any power to the government that we do not possess.  This means the government has created an unconstitutional authority which is allowing them to make debt in our yet unborn grandchildren’s names.

We are going to put Ron Paul into office and put an end to the Wall Street loan sharking.  And every sleazy one of them is going to be punished for their crimes.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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