Fox’s Bill O’Reilly finally bites the dust — more newsroom liars exposed

Intellihub – by Shepard Ambellas

NEW YORK (INTELLIHUB) — Trust wise, I guess you could say that Bill O’Reilly has bitten the dust. Although I never trusted him in the first place this latest news cycle may remove him from the map as a trusted source altogether. The question is: will Fox step back?

“The story speaks for itself”, Daniel Shulman, Senior Editor of Mother Jones said in response to CNN’s Chris Cuomo, talking about the infamous Bill O’Reilly, an egotistical Fox News host who reportedly lied to his viewers on more than a few occasions over the years.  

This all comes to the forefront after NBC’s Brian Williams was yanked from the airwaves, by corporate, shortly after reports surfaced that Williams had been lying to his viewers on the air in a similar situation.

O’Reilly, now in the spotlight, has previously bragged himself up, claiming “to have been in a combat zone, in a war zone, during the Falklands conflict.”, according to Shulman. But “the only place combat took place during that war was the remote Falkland Islands which were 1200 miles from Buenos Aires where Bill O’Reilly and the rest of the press corps.” were covering local protests.

Shulman added that O’Reilly even belittled his “colleagues at CBS at the time”, when he [O’Reilly] blatantly made it known that they [his colleagues] were “cowering in their hotels” during the rather peppy protests which likely aroused O’Reilly’s ego.

Shulman, in response to Chris Cuomo also mentioned the fact that “Bill O’Reilly has also claimed that the Argentinian troops [during the protests] open fired on civilians and killed many people.”, contrary to actual accounts.

The bottom line is that O’Reilly wasn’t in a war zone and it’s drawing some attention as most people are now getting their news off the Internet from sites like Intellihub and others like it.

“We’re journalists and it matters what we say and how we say them. We have to be as accurate as we can be.”, said Shulman.

CNN’s Brian Stelter jumped in during the broadcast adding his two-cents, saying, “What’s striking about O’Reilly’s response is the anti-Brian Williams; Brian Williams apologized and went silent–O’Reilly started calling your [Shulman’s] colleague David Corn a gutter snipe, a piece of garbage, a liar, a left wing assassin.” in what appeared to be a rampage spawned by fear.

CNN’s Cuomo then questioned: “Brian Williams–NBC ended up taking him off the air, you think Fox does anything to O’Reilly?”

“I think that Fox is a very different network than NBC”, Stelter responded, almost insinuating that FOX would likely keep O’Reilly employed and may only brush off the incident as a minor infraction.


What’s funny about all of this is that awhile back Bill O’Reilly reported on the Brian Williams situation on his show The O’Reilly Factor while damaging information about Williams was still fresh and surfacing, all the while knowing that he himself has previously lied to his listeners.

Boldly, O’Reilly opened the show saying, “We saw Hillary Clinton say she was under fire in the Balkan’s, it wasn’t true. We saw Richard Blumenthal say he served in Vietnam, that was false, but the people of Connecticut elected him to the Senate anyway.”

O’Reilly then asked his panel: “Is this case any different?”

Howard Kurtz, the host of Media Buzz responded, “This is a huge creditability crisis for Brian Williams at NBC because when the top rated network anchor tells a story, and repeatedly tells a story, that is blatantly false people wonder: why would why would a journalist of his stature do such a thing?” Little did Kurtz know, at the time, during the show, he was talking with one of the biggest liar journalists of all-time [O’Reilly], who weeks later would be exposed for very similar lies.


Kurtz said, “If another NBC correspondent had told that kind of false story on the air he would be lucky to get away with a reprimand”.

Bill O’Reilly said in reference to Williams lies, “He knows what he did was wrong. A lot of people exaggerate their life experience and he did. He got caught.”

Now as all of this new news comes out on O’Reilly we can only wait and see if Bill will admit what he did was equally wrong.

And for any Bill O’Reilly lovers out there who believe that the man is actually an angel–here is a clip you need to watch–it explains it all. Enjoy.


“Let’s do it live!” — Bill O’Reilly.

Who will be the next mainstay of the mainstream media to be exposed?

11 thoughts on “Fox’s Bill O’Reilly finally bites the dust — more newsroom liars exposed

  1. God I love it when assholes like Bill O’Reilly are exposed as the lying buffoons they are. Bill O’Reilly is a disgrace to the human race. Oh, my guess is he will survive this scandal and continue on his shit shoveling quest.

  2. His show says it all. “Caution. You are now in the No Spin Zone.” More like the Spin Zone. Every news story is twisted and spun around. I wander when a person goes to interview for fox news that the first question they ask is “Do you know how to lie?” And if you say No, “Oh I am sorry, you can’t work here.” And if you are a woman and don’t look like a playboy model well then you can flat out forget getting a job there.

  3. Glad I never wasted a moment on either of these two airbags
    Never watched their shitows
    To be honest I think I even let out a laugh when I heard Hitlery sing her song
    Oh the tangled web they weave

  4. “NEW YORK (INTELLIHUB) — Trust wise, I guess you could say that Bill O’Reilly has bitten the dust. Although I never trusted him in the first place this latest news cycle may remove him from the map as a trusted source altogether.”

    NEWSFLASH: Absolutely NO ONE on television is a trustworthy source of information, and I’m amazed that people in the “alternative news” business would even listen to this lying Zionist A-hole. HE WOULD NOT BE ON TELEVISION IF HE WEREN’T AN ACCOMPLISHED LIAR WORKING FOR THE ENEMY.

    STOP LOOKING TO THE TV GOD AS A GIVER OF TRUTH AND KNOWLEDGE. THE INFERNAL DEVICE ONLY EXISTS TO DECEIVE AND BRAINWASH YOU (and it’s obviously been very effective at the brainwashing if you’re still expecting truthful information from them)

    When the F&$k do people learn? How many lies do you have to catch them in before you stop believing everything they say? I feel like we’re pissing against the tide sometimes. We expose lie after lie, and idiots keep going back there expecting truth.

    Where’s the 2×4 of truth? Someone needs to be whacked across the head with it.

  5. I like what Judy said many times in the past If you lie to me everything you say from that moment on will be suspect. Gee don’t we all do that? If not you need counseling.

    Another one…. don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining.

    1. yep, and look at all the millions our governmental representatives are getting paid to do nothing but LIE

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