Frein’s parents not entitled to return of guns, judge rules

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Apr. 3—The parents of convicted cop killer Eric Matthew Frein are not entitled regain dozens of firearms seized from their home as part of the investigation into their son’s crimes, a federal judge ruled.

U.S. District Judge Malachy Mannion said Eugene and Debra Frein have no right to the weapons because they were seized pursuant to a valid search warrant. Authorities continue to hold them in the event Eric Frein, who continues to appeal his case, wins a new trial.

Eric Frein was convicted in 2017 in Pike County Court of first-degree murder and other charges and sentenced to death for the Sept. 12, 2014, sniper attack outside the Blooming Grove state police barracks that killed Cpl. Bryon K. Dickson II of Dunmore and seriously wounded Trooper Alex T. Douglass of Olyphant.

Eugene and Debra Frein filed suit in June against Pike County District Attorney Ray Tonkin and Pennsylvania State Police, alleging authorities are violating their constitutional rights for refusing to return 19 pistols, 25 rifles, two shotguns and several other items now that the criminal case against their son has concluded.

The lawsuit, filed by Scranton attorney Curt Parkins, alleged several violations of the Freins’ constitutional rights, including that the seizure of the weapons amounted to an unlawful taking of their property and violated their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

Mannion rejected the arguments. In his ruling, the judge said authorities had legal authority to seize the weapons because they were potential evidence in the criminal case. Although Frein has exhausted appeals in state court, he continues to appeal his case in the federal court system.

Mannion said the seizure also does not violate the Freins’ right to bear arms. While the couple cannot regain the weapons that were seized, they are free to purchase other firearms.

5 thoughts on “Frein’s parents not entitled to return of guns, judge rules

  1. This is acting as though the guns themselves are as guilty as their son which is crazy ass commie logic. Just because their son is appealing, doesn’t go to any kind of legal right not to return the guns period. You cant put the guns on trial, or put the guns in jail.

    These guns are used as their personal protection . Judge making his own laws at this point, crazy illegal playing games…

    Guns are in their names, this is total double jeopardy punishing dad and mom for what exactly?

    If their home gets robbed and mom or dad gets killed judge should face murder charges.

  2. You said it much better than I would have. For some strange reason, when you wrote “put the guns in trial”. All I could think of was Jim Carey in “Liar, Liar” saying “I’ll Put the System on Trial”. A great comedic actor originally from Canada. Unfortunately, he’s gone over to the dark side.

  3. My brother called the suicide hotline a few years ago and blackwater showed up at my mom’s house. They asked her if there were any firearms in HER house. She told them my dad’s Walther PPK but that belongs to her and if you don’t have a warrant, you’re not welcome. They took a step back, changed their tactic and soft-sided their way in by appealing to her maternal instinct. She’s 77 years old at the time btw. She led them to it, they cleared it and exclaimed (gasp) “There’s a round in it!” Off they went with it. She filed a date to plead for its return, as it does have sentimental value. Dad was traitor ex-cia stooge and always had it with him. Well, court came and judge said “if it wasn’t specifically willed to you after his death, it’s not legally yours. Next!”, despite 100% of his possessions had been willed to her. She never saw it again, just like my brother never saw his pistol collection again after he did some stupid shite before that happened.

    My family just don’t get it and I AM the crazy ahole.

      1. We’re ALL a little nutty to these nuts 🙂 It’s the ones who think they’re normal and everything is gonna be juuust fine is the problem! Up is down, mary.

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