3 thoughts on “What Pandemic? Madison, TN – 4:18 PM 73 Degrees

  1. Long story Short. Humana sent me an oxygen saturation monitor as part of a “wellness” kit. I had purchased a single finger O2 sat monitor ~2014 to help monitor my Dad’s health. The new O2 sat monitor always read in the mid-75% for me and my wife. We felt fine. The older O2 sat monitor that I paid about $70 for at Walgreens in ~2014 always read 92-97% after settling for ~10 seconds. The “new one would eventually settle in the low 90% after a minute or more. I was in my Anesthesiology residency when the original O2 Sa monitor were released. The size of a home stereo amp and cost $2000+ and were hard to get in ~1985? We studied and learned their mechanisms of operation…in detail. I smell something funky about this. So…you have basic elderly, 60+, patients getting one of these O2 Sat monitors from Humana and goes nuts thinking they are hypoxemic. One of the original symptoms of CV-1984. Shitty cheap equipment? Or designed to make people panic and go for testing? Maybe hospitalization? And scare them into becoming a lab rat tester for one of the untested, unsafe and potentially life changing vaccines. Now, “they” want to make a vaccine mandatory, but there is a large pushback by people who have skills of observation, critical thinking and can’t help but see the obvious. Think about it. If this was a lethal equivalent of the Black Plague? With carts or driving around the neighborhood saying “Bring Out Your Dead”…Monte Python style. They would have to have “locked and loaded” armed guards to keep people from stealing it or demanding preferential treatment.
    My complete “high octane speculation” is that this was partially a PsyOp to get the population ready for something much more serious in the near future. An NBC event, faked via propaganda, or otherwise. If nuclear fallout was real, then staying indoors at home would be required for survival until the fallout had circled the globe several times. A few weeks to a month depending on the # and type of weapons used.
    Again, just a thought. For me , in retrospect, this has been a one year exercise to get the population used to isolation and buying some basic survival necessities.
    Or maybe it’s the “deep state” psychopaths pulling out the stops for a “New World Order”. A “Great Reset”.
    I hope I am wrong.

    1. The WEF is calling for July 2021, for the reset, documents from the UN in 2009 call for all out war on the US in 2022.

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