FUXNET: The Obama Virus

Lame Cherry

FUXNET is a most interesting creation as the basis of it is, it activates when using the Obamacare sign up and in all other instances it simply lays dormant.

I can not go into details nor would I in assisting the dismantling of this virus put into place by MIC to liberate Americans from the regime, but I will mention aspects of this to explain it’s far reaching effects.

FUXNET is such a virus, that it can not be detected. If it were attempted to be removed, it would literally shut down the computer operating system.

That is why the regime shut down Obamacare the first weekend and admitted they were trying to gut the system as it is embedded.  

FUXNET literally in order to remove it would require the gutting of every computer in government. It is now on every computer which accessed the regime website and it is spreading by stealth, but I repeat, that it is of absolutely no harm to your system as it only triggers by accessing the system to upload information and affects that system by replicating, so that users see that “spinning circle”.

I find that amusing in a great part, because in psyops the regime has constantly used time outs and that spinning circle to terrorize me. Now the same principle has been unleashed against them.

Literally, to stop this, every computer would have to be destroyed. While this is not an Apple based system, Apple is a part of this as it accesses OS Microsoft platforms.

The cute part in this is though, that one little flashdrive plugged into this system would reinfect it all, starting this all over again.

This is from the people who created the operating systems at their core levels. They are the ones who put in all the doors to spy and manipulate with. They created the viruses for their own use in testing cyber warfare………..let that soak in for a bit in another Lame Cherry exclusive as when they sprayed you with nuclear waste in Minnesota to test nuclear fallout, they also can create viruses for actual real time cyber testing.

This has been all before you, and you will notice that only this blog has been the exclusive source for this information which has all been covered up. There is a real coup being staged in these Disunited States by a faction in their own survival interest. A faction which did shepherd the mob in better care than what is of this regime making jihad on Americans.

It is bothersome to me that no rich people will relieve my burdens and that most of you did not pay attention to ANTIXERXES in all it will mean. You do not get it in your stupidity.
Bob Woodward had one Watergate by the Mockingbird for the fortune given him. I have not kept track of the dozens of Watergates broken here, and all ignored or stolen in stealth as the censor cap is kept on.

If grease came for the squeaky wheel, I would be a grease tycoon.

I have sympathies for the Jeff Rense crowd who bit into the propaganda of the Military Industrial Complex. MIC was supplanted by arrogance and allowed itself to be portrayed for it’s worst which it could be. It is though better than the gulag of murder which the Socio Conglomerate has supplanted it with.
At least MIC allowed you to have a decade of life and dreams on a vacation, before it gleaned you, before making you work for it all again.
What has captured America now is the vilest feudalism ever to rape the world.

The lesser of two evils until Christ returns. For now it benefits Americans what is taking place in this internal battle against the regime, and it has all been calculated by the Europeans for effect, as America has been designed to self faction implode for their rise.

I remember two assholes on Newsbusters when I posted there making fun of Lame Cherry for using the word CARTEL to describe this. Those two ignorant asses had no idea that cartel is a Germanic word for a syndicate working together, and that by Inspiration is what I was warning the world of in Berlin Obama from the start of this.
I hope for the day of their ashes under my feet like the majority here, and would settle for your rotting corpses in the streets appearing as dog shit the next day as packs eat you.

There will come a time in your existences when even sights like that will not phase you in being “uncomfortable” or whatever the word was that poster on Rayelynn’s Rumor site was prattering on about in judging me.

The day will come when you will do things you never dreamed the civilized you would ever do. The fact is you are already prepared as a beastly people in what you have degraded to.

FUXNET is a direct attack upon the regime of Birther Hussein. They have covered up that attack. That is an attack upon the nuclear warfare backed complex of America, including Homeland and the Pentagon. That is warfare in pure form of a cyber attack.
Those behind it are sufficiently protected from direct exposure in the military. Edward Snowden being alive is proof of their offensive stance yet. If Snowden is murdered, it will mean a direct assault will begin on MIC in America in a counter coup.

I have warned you of the primal scream of the regime next year. They are not going to give this Fang Jinn up. Their mission has been to make America a pariah state and Ecuador just called America a Nazi camp.

FUXNET matters in all it says and defines as a group did this, and is powerful enough to do it, to protect their military, economic and police state interests against the feudal regime in Washington.

Lame Cherry the greatest Prophetic voice and they will only know after the events consume them.

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