GOP Mega Donor Sheldon Adelson Wants To Nuke Iran

Casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who is the biggest patron of Newt Gingrich's presidential bid, giving a reported $10m to a Gingrich-supporting Super Pac. Photograph: Vincent Yu/APLoonwatch

There are several horrendous aspects to this video: 1.) Adelson being taken seriously as some sort of analyst on Iran 2.) The belligerent manner in which Sheldon Adelson calls for nuking Iran. 3.) The approving response of the audience. 4.) Rabbi Shmuley Boteach not challenging or rebutting Adelson immediately. All in all an epic moral failure.  

GOP Mega Donor Sheldon Adelson Wants To Nuke Iran


The biggest donor to Republican Party political groups said Tuesday that the United States should drop a nuclear bomb on Iran to spur the country to end its own nuclear program.

Sheldon Anderson, the billionaire casino mogul, said on a panel at Yeshiva University in New York City that an initial blast, targeted to hit only desert area, would kill “maybe a couple of rattlesnakes, and scorpions, or whatever,” according to video posted on the foreign policy news websiteMondoweiss.

“Then you say, ‘See! The next one is in the middle of Tehran. So, we mean business. You want to be wiped out? Go ahead and take a tough position and continue with your nuclear development.”

Adelson, a staunch Israel supporter, gave a whopping $92.8 million, along with his wife Miriam, to outside political groups during the 2012 election cycle, according to the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks political spending. He was a major backer of a super PAC that kept Newt Gingrich’s campaign aflat.

An audience member at the panel, titled “Will Jews Exist,” filmed Adelson’s comments. Watch below, starting at about 5:20:

3 thoughts on “GOP Mega Donor Sheldon Adelson Wants To Nuke Iran

  1. Lets send him over to iran to explain why he feels nuking iran is a good idea. if he returns then we will. deal?

  2. So, this guy is a big GOP donor ? Now I understand why there are so many brain dead half wits in the Republican party.

  3. Why don’t we nuke Israhell instead, while Adelsonovabitch is visiting, and thereby eliminate the need to nuke Iran altogether?

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