7 thoughts on “The Great Antifa Uprising – I guess it was a dud.

  1. I remember years ago when most protest signs were homemade, each a unique sentiment originated by its bearer. Now it’s sleek manufacturing of uniformity, state-by-state sameness. Grassroots uprooted.


  2. I guess my Antifa cheese in the rat traps worked.

    But let’s not waste those signs.

    Let’s be efficient here.

    They can be recycled.

    Put on them…

    Homeless Vet.
    Will work 4 food.
    Divorced with 6 kids.
    Please help me.!!
    I’m hungry….!!!
    I need my pills…!.

    On every freeway off ramp.

  3. My next blog post with roast the Lisa Havens and Daboo Sevens and Alex Jones’s and the rest of “click bait central” over their fearmongering for click bait. Getting sick and tired of their click bait nonsense which started with their bogus Jade Helm crapola…Haven even resorted to scare mongering over the “national grid being taken down” the same weekend (I did mention in a comment that the national grid does NOT include Texas, which has its own grid). Lauren Southern was exposed as a troll. Maybe Haven and Co. will be exposed as well.

    Folks, I WANT THE TRUTH! Screw click bait!

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