3 thoughts on “Thousands Of Bees Die After Truck Crash On Interstate 80

  1. These trucks crash all the time, people get weird around them when passing, bees hover outside the load when the truck carrying them is running down the road, scares the hell out of other truckers and 4 wheelers alike.

    The load is tarped but the little buggers still get out and raise hell.

    The bees will fly around the passing vehicles and well, you can figure it out.

    These drivers try and haul these loads at night for obvious reasons.

    1. Sounds to me like you have driven bees…we used to have bee hives around local ranches until the ranches changed hands and then locks were put on the gates…the new owners, of course, never got in touch with us about moving the beehives…

  2. Only way one can prove :”x” number of bees died however is to have counted the bees (good luck with that one!), then counted the bee bodies having been drowned. And, oh yeah, the queens with them. Looks to me as if some of the bees did manage to get out in time (they cannot fly at night…they walk around and any first responders likely got stung when bees crawled up their pants legs).

    Thousands of bees dying in a truck accident is nothing compared to millions of bees dying thanks to Monsatan, Dow Chemical, chemtrails, etc. etc. But I kinda feel sorry for the first responders that had to deal with the possibility of being stung like crazy! If this happened at night when bees love to walk around and get under your pants legs…hint…they only fly when the sun is up…

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