How gun culture used to be AMERICAN!

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A short story. I used to do property maintenance for a slum lord here in Wyoming. One time while doing some plumbing upgrades to one of his multiplex properties, I wanted to check on the weatherproofing and winterizing on what used to be an old coal chute.

I found an old manila folder in there. It seemed to be from the mid to late 50’s. There were magazine adverts of women’s dresses, tea sets, the usual girl stuff. But one advert caught my eye. It was an advert for linoleum flooring. showed a happy family spending time in the kitchen. Youngest daughter was on the floor playing with a doll, son was at a desk there doing homework, mother was cooking dinner, and dad was at the dining room table cleaning a rifle. in a FLOORING advertisement.  

How far we have fallen.

Vintage Gun Advertisements

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7 thoughts on “How gun culture used to be AMERICAN!

  1. Love the last ad “Her hero.” The ad shows a Remington model 34 .22 bolt action rifle. I have a like new model 34 I picked up while visiting a cousin in the Los Angeles Ca area. He took me to the Great Western Gun Show in the 1980’s where I bought the model 34 for 85 bucks. No (Kalifornia) 10 day wait back then for long guns. I finally convinced him to move to Arizona with me last year and He couldn’t be happier.

  2. I remember some of these ads
    does that carbon date me?

    I was a member of the CMP as a kid (Civilian Marksmanship program ) sure that tells of my age too ..I used to take my gun to school because after school we would practice , and show we had the knowledge of safe gun use

    back than, at first you started out with a BB gun to hone your skills,(junior air rifle) than on to the .22 cal, and .30 cal once you demonstrated your skills and gun safety

    lost my vest full of patches and medals in a house fire back in 97

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