Hagel to Barak: US Will Keep Up Aid to Israel Despite Fiscal Troubles

Anti-War – by John Glaser

Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel met with Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak on Tuesday at the Pentagon to reassure him that the diplomatic window on Iran is closing and that, despite tough fiscal times in Washington, exorbitant amounts of aid to Israel would not be affected.

According to the Pentagon, “Secretary Hagel expressed his strong commitment to Israel’s security, including maintaining Israel’s qualitative military edge and continued US support for missile and rocket defense systems in spite of fiscal constraints.”

“Secretary Hagel and Minister Barak,” the Pentagon statement adds, “agreed that the United States-Israeli defense relationship has never been stronger than during the Obama administration and that both nations will continue this unprecedented close cooperation.”

On Iran, Hagel reiterated the US position to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapons with all options on the table – Washington’s euphemism for military action.

In their two hour meeting, the two officials also addressed the war in Syria, pledging “to continue US-Israel contingency planning to counter that potential threat.”

Many observers who expected Hagel, who had a reputation for issuing harsh criticisms of Israel, to differentiate the US relationship with Israel at least slightly, have thus far been disappointed by his close adherence to the Obama administration’s approach over the last four years.


9 thoughts on “Hagel to Barak: US Will Keep Up Aid to Israel Despite Fiscal Troubles

  1. Awww….isn’t that sweet….We are still funding Israel despite all of our fiscal troubles. Who would’ve thought. SICK BASTARDS!!!

  2. There’s a well developed pattern here. Only those politicians willing to kiss Zionist Israhell’s ass are nominated or elected to the US gov’t. Just ask Cynthia McKinney.

    1. I figured that the only way that Hagel would get his cabinet position was by recanting his views on the Israeli Lobbyists’ control of our government. Of course, Hagel would also have to promise to continue funding Israel and defend them every time they wish to promote a war using our troops.

      If it is truly a matter of defense, then Israel has nukes and its own military at its disposal to protect their borders from a “potential threat”. Therefore, Israel does not need anyone’s help, but they DO need money and endless wars to exist. Let’s face the facts: Israel is the World’s largest exporter of terror, and we are their subservient pawns.

      Perhaps Chuck Hagel thinks he can still change matters; however, the best thing he could have done is expose the Israel Lobbyists during his confirmation hearings, even though it would have removed his nomination. Instead, like most of our politicians, he put Israel first, second, and third. What a pathetic exhibition of cowardice.

    1. Only 13,000? And the remaining 299 million Americans have to suffer for them? Burn the Zionist bastards!

          1. I might not be adverse to a 1,000,000,000 volt cattle prod.

            But then again, they’d probably ENJOY that.

  3. Death to the Synogogue of Satan and their Masonic Demons.

    The cabalist group I refer to is the Synagogue of Satan, an ancient, yet modern, elite so politically powerful and so fabulously wealthy that even past history has been twisted, reshaped, and revised to meet its preferred version of humanity’s gloomy, totalitarian future.

    Religious in nature, the Synagogue of Satan is, at its essence, a grotesque, satanic cult. It’s high council is composed of High Priests of Lucifer; these are men who literally worship death while practicing sexual magick and occult rituals of the blackest nature.


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