Harlow sausage factory fire captured on video


Video of a large fire at a sausage factory showed thick plumes of smoke and flames rising from the building.

The blaze at Riverway Foods on River Way in Harlow, Essex, on Tuesday was being tackled by 10 crews from both Essex and Hertfordshire.

The fire service warned people to stay indoors and keep windows shut as smoke drifted across the town.

It said when crews arrived the building was 95% alight and 100% smoke-logged.

See video here: https://www.bbc.com/news/av/uk-england-essex-61232261

13 thoughts on “Harlow sausage factory fire captured on video

  1. The company announced they will be having a fire sale soon on smoked sausage
    Sorry, couldn’t resist

          1. Nah, I just saw double meaning in your comment “ maybe not a good idea to live amongst the chickens “ as in we don’t want to live among cowards in today’s environment.

  2. I’m a truck driver for one of the largest dairy suppliers in the country. Our computer systems got hacked last month. They never told us who did it, just that they were “sophisticated”. Rumour going around was “Russia did it.” Sure they did… They put the company on its knees for weeks. We dumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of milk.. It’s going to be happening all over, this is being completely orchestrated. You’re not only going to see fires, but cyber attacks as well. Here’s the story.


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