“Have You Ever Wondered Who’s Pulling the Strings?” – US Army Unveils Dystopian PSYWAR Recruiting Video Titled “GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE”

Gateway Pundit – by Julian Conradson

The leftist buzzword of the past year and a half has been “misinformation” – which is typically characterized as “wild right-wing conspiracy theories with no basis in reality”; however, this is almost never the case.

Usually, it’s some form of projection.

As for the ‘theory’ about a secretive group of Deep State goons pulling the strings to mold public thought and behavior from the shadows, there’s nothing theoretical about it. In fact, the US Army is now using it as the main selling point to recruit new soldiers into its ranks.

Earlier this month, the US Army released a new ad for its PSYWAR special ops division, which specializes in conveying selected information to specific audiences in order to influence their emotions, motives, and thought processes – with the ultimate goal of directing the behavior of governments, groups, and individuals.

The creepy video attempts to showcase the vast, dystopian capabilities of the US Army’s intelligence operations with a movie trailer-style short film about how the “ghosts in the machine” are able to secretly manipulate the public through targeted information attacks and new technologies.

In true deep state form, the video begins by flashing the question “Who’s pulling the strings?” almost as a taunt toward the conspiracy claims. Unless you knew beforehand that this was a production of the US Army, it would almost be impossible to tell what the video is for, until it makes a grand reveal at the end.

Either way, it watches like a horror trailer and reads like they are sending a message. So, basically, exactly as intended.

In one part of the video, the words “everything we touch is a weapon” flash on the screen before promising the watcher “We are everywhere.”

You’ll never know it though, as per the shadowy hand. They sure do love their symbolism.

What’s most unsettling about the video is that it has creepy music running throughout. One especially disturbing lyric that is a focal point of the video says, “gripping at my skin, the walls of night close in… as I wait to say my last goodbye.”

Unsurprisingly, the crescendo of this line is the moment the words “we are everywhere” flash on screen… Army 1984.

The video then rolls into a supercut of riots and police crackdowns across the world as another cryptic message flashes onscreen.

From the video:

“A feeling in the dark

A message in the stars

Ghosts in the machine

What, are we?”

Simple, they are Deep State spooks. Or as they call themselves: “Ghosts.”

Another cryptic message also appears earlier in the video, accompanied by the same creepy song, this time singing: “Wolves hiding nearby, whispering ‘do or die,’ around me… you say your last goodnights, while I begin”.

Born from the ashes

Of a world at war

You’ll find us in the shadows

At the tip of the spear

A threat rises in the East” 

The video also explains the goal of the psychological warfare operations: “we can deceive, persuade, change, influence and inspire.” Not very comforting, especially considering the Marxist, America last, domestic-terrorist witch-hunt agenda the Biden regime has been running – let alone the rest of the Globalist-aligned West.

After flashing the sunny cliffs and zooming to a man peacefully floating in the water – as if promising the deception will be bliss, the video quickly takes a dark turn.


As the Biden regime ramps up their crackdown on free speech under the guise of stopping misinformation, the enforcement arms of the deep state are clearly putting a lot of money into ramping up their own misinformation-PSYWAR operation (that was some high production value on the US Army short film). Add that to the fact that ‘domestic misinformation’ spreaders are being targeted at the top of the list right now, and it’s hard to see an end to the list of problems we could run into as Americans who dissent from the approved narrative.

There is no evidence that the Army’s PSYWAR program has been weaponized against the American public like so many other law enforcement apparatuses of the Deep State, but as the video above illustrates, among the most guilty culprits of spreading domestic misinformation – along with the fake news media – are the deeply corrupt intellegence agencies in the DC Swamp, which includes the top brass at all US military branches.

Just like we have seen with the origins of the Covid-19 virus, the rushed and experimental vaccine, and the stolen 2020 election – just to name a few – the difference between fact and conspiracy is just a matter of months – if not weeks or days. And, in some cases, it only takes a matter of hours before something that’s been labeled misinformation is found to be completely accurate.

In many cases, purposefully omitting key information, which the ‘experts’ are notorious for, is the highest form of misinformation and a robust, institutional control mechanism is critical to keeping a lid on what gets out. A la, PSYWAR and other similar intelligence operations.

In other words, there may actually be a need for some sort of “misinformation governance board” – albeit, one that’s actually focused on actual examples – such as “the vaccines are safe and effective”, or “2020 was the most secure election in US history” – but even then, it’s a 1st amendment issue. Still, outright lies to cover up Governmental failures/crimes by elected officials or unelected bureaucrats like Fauci should come with some consequences – and in theory, they do, but not under Biden’s radicalized DOJ.

After all, as Jim Morrison of The Doors famously said, “whoever controls the media, controls the mind,” but that grip is loosening as more people continue to wake up to the smell of the entire country burning outside.

With the midterms approaching, cataclysmic economic collapse on the horizon, and inflation going ‘to the moon,’ it’s no wonder the fraudulent Biden regime’s crackdown on dissent is ramping up and the Army is openly advertising what would have once been called a ‘wild right-wing conspiracy’ as the main selling point for new recruits.

Oh, and next week Biden will vote to hand over American sovereignty to the WHO via the “Global Pandemic Treaty.”

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