Here are the bioweapon details of the stealthy Covid plot to poison and mass murder most of humanity

State of the Nation

It ought to be quite clear by now to every Plandemic watcher that there is a very stealthy plot afoot to depopulate planet Earth and enslave the remaining humanity via the COVID-19 bioweapon and weaponized Covid vaccines.

This New World Order globalist scheme has many facets to it, but there are two primary components that work closely in tandem with each other.

First, there was the launch of the different generations of the COVID-19 bioweapon as well as its variants targeting certain nations across the planet.  In other word, Wuhan, Milan, Tehran, New York City, Moscow and Guayaquil, Ecuador all experienced different variations of the COVID-19 bioweapon whose main pathogenic micro-organism was a parasite.

Secondly, there was the roll-out of the various weaponized Covid vaccine programs around the globe each of which were designed to provide more vectors of dissemination of the extremely deadly and damaging spike proteins.  The bioweapon spike proteins bioengineered in the bioweapon were the super-charged by the spike weapons put into the Covid injections.

Both of these depopulation and debilitation phases of the Covid Plandemic were designed to produce a slow-motion murder of the targeted populations as well as a gradual sickening of a large swath of humanity.

What follows is an excellent description of this one-two knockout punch thrown at the entire human race.  This detailed explanation is rendered by a very smart Indian physician who appears to have read SOTN for many months since this Alt Media platform has posted many of the same pieces of the Covid crime puzzle.

In fact, this Covid one-two punch was presented as a very similar dissection of the COVID-19 crime scene during the first few months of the Plandemic several months before the vaccines were even approved on an emergency basis by the FDA.  The first big clue came when the research team from India published their scientific paper (early in 2020) that identified the dangerous spike proteins found in COVID-19.

Now here is the highly informative video which should be posted and sent out everywhere post-haste, especially to all healthcare professionals—Thank you!

State of the Nation

9 thoughts on “Here are the bioweapon details of the stealthy Covid plot to poison and mass murder most of humanity

  1. The analogy that this guy gives near the end of the video is so simple and spot on that I’m gonna use it in the future. Especially when he talks about a parachute with holes in it and seeing dead bodies on the ground and being pushed to jump out of the plane for the betterment of humanity. Great video and explanation and also on how real vaccines are supposed to work, as well.

  2. As good as this dude is, I’d say the best bio-weapon explanation, as well as the CDCs decision to change the meaning of vaccine months before “covid” even began, which gave them “permission” to allow FRAUDci etc. to develop these bio-weapons (gain of function or not at Wuhan), comes from Dr. David Martin, here:

    And saw this vid on SOTN last night. Yep, great video.

      1. I have my reason for not following his work any longer however I do not trust pictures. I have listened quite a bit to Dr. Tenpenny who to the best of my knowledge has spent thousands of hours on the problems associated with vaccines and bringing that information forth. It would be nice for the host to interview these people before doing a hit piece. Beware Henry Makow. I trust no one but me

        1. I hear you. Myself, if something comes at me I tend to look at all the angles I can find. I was lead down the wrong path too many times so I’m particularly on-guard concerning any new age type of “universal” movements and Dave is involved in the crafting of (in his own words) a “New Declaration of UNIVERSAL Human Independence.” Seems The Bill of Rights took care of that, with the individual at center. No offense. Just trying to break it down for myself.


          1. That is the reason I stopped paying attention to him. In one of his ‘butterfly of the week’ videos he slipped up by inferring that our BoR were rights granted by the government

          2. For me, he’s new on the scene, and newbies areup for scrutinizing. I seem to have grown highly suspicious. Ha!!

            Well Mary, good that we can run things by each other.


  3. The first question that need to be asked: Do viruses exist?

    Can anyone show a real life microscopic image of a virus? Too small, huh? Electronic imaging only? Oh, okay. So, just trust you then?

    Simple Google image search brings up all sorts of CGI, Lunar Lander cartoons. But search for fungus, bacteria, amoeba, plasmodium – then you start to see the difference.

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