5 thoughts on “Here’s $70,000 Worth Of Losing Lottery Tickets

  1. well mr stp..and I know what stp is or was..these scratch offs are from several years? hope I am right..and I can tell you how I in the end winning with the scratch my ass, scratch offs..simple..never buy a several bunch at a time from one game..you with me? jump to several lottery places..thats the gold …variety is the key..go too three places and I bet your sorry ass you win..but then again the house never looses ..

    1. Yeah, asshat I have never played the lottery. The point is that some asshole blew 70k on pie in the sky tickets, but it sounds like it could be you!

  2. A winner would need the tax write off but so e have second chance drawings too.
    Asshat.. Lol.
    It’s a Craigslist ad.

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