Mark is not playing well with others

Yeah well, this time they tried to cuff my ass, didn’t work out that way. Try and tell the people about the the true Constitution, see how well it works out for ya.

18 thoughts on “Mark is not playing well with others

  1. Somebody said something stupid, I finished it. I just can’t take it a anymore.

    The funny thing is, the cops were cool.

    1. Thanks, and yes, I know sometimes it takes everything we got to hold it together. Jus’ don’t bite off nose to spite face.

      Respect to you, Mark. I always appreciate your strong voice.


      1. WOW! 100 lbs! That’s great, Mark! You said that you wanted to lose more weight. Good job! We need to see a new photo. 🙂

        1. I was skinny all my life until I started this job, all I do is sit and eat, I’ve changed all that now, hell, defending the Bill of Rights iv.e lost weight! LOL

    1. I got off easy, this was a warning, I was in a bar, things got a little ugly.

      The idiot didn’t press charges, bar keep kept trap shut.

      1. I was wondering about how it was a Trespass Warning… Glad the idiot didn’t go the Assault route (as wimps do now a days). 😀

    1. I could care less. My record is already longer than the USS Ronald Reagan, nothing serious, I just don’t mind well. I’ve been in trouble all my life, again, doesn’t bother me one iota, I do what I damn well please.

      My job requires extensive back ground checks, I passed.

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