Homeless Camp Outside City Hall To Protest Anti-Camping Laws

True Activist – by John Vibes

In many places across the country, it is becoming increasingly illegal to be homeless. Legislators do not come right out and ban homelessness, but instead, they ban people from camping in urban areas, or make it illegal to feed people without a permit.

In Sacremento, the homeless population is fighting back against a recent ordinance that makes it illegal for them to camp in the city. Many of them have been camped out in front of city hall for the past month and are demanding a reversal of the camping ban.  

“It shouldn’t be illegal to be able to just find a safe spot to sleep,” homeless camper Mohammed Abughannan told KCRA.

“We want to let them to know that we’re not here to trash their property. We’re not here to destroy it. We’re just here to make a statement that in the future, hopefully, that this will all be resolved,” David Sanchez, another homeless camper said.

The protesters say that they will be camping until the city changes the law, but city officials released a statement earlier this month saying that they have no intention of repealing the law.

“…The Sacramento city council is not inclined to repeal the city’s anti-camping ordinance,” the statement read.

Organizer James Faygo Clark said they won’t be backing down.

“Well, then they better be ready for us to maintain our presence here for a lot longer and continue to grow,” Clark said.

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