Homemade Primers Series

Dec 12, 2020
In this series I’m going to post short and sweet videos. Each video will have one simple step to follow. You can get started TODAY by cleaning your reloading equipment (clear your spent primer trays). Next – get organized be self-disciplined to remember to place small pistol primers in it’s own separate container. Do NOT mix them with small Rifle primers. Especially those SRP that have the hardened primer cups (CCI – 41’s). These are for the 223/556/300 Blackouts used in AR-15’s with the free-floating firing pins.
Must Read Document: http://www.aardvarkreloading.com/reso… Wear safety equipment like masks and gloves and eye protection.
Don’t eat or drink around your reloading equipment or gun cleaning solvents. One step at a time.

Wash your primers for 3 – 1 Hour sessions. This will clean up all the dirt (spend primer compounds) and make removing the anvil a lot more pleasant. Documentation: http://www.aardvarkreloading.com/reso…

I apologize for the poor quality. I have a problem with rendering within my PC but I’ve done everything I know to fix it (to no avail). Regardless – the bug was holding up the information so I’m publishing it As-Is for now. The tools come from Harbor Freight (less than $20) and a few items from DollarTree. Homemade Primers Documentation: http://www.aardvarkreloading.com/reso…

Removing the dimple from the firing pin is an easy process. I chose to turn the punch upside-down so I could see my work. Documentation: http://www.aardvarkreloading.com/reso…

3 thoughts on “Homemade Primers Series

  1. This is bullshit that we even have to consider doing any of this
    What happened the last time these fcks stole our powder?
    We fckin lit their asses up!

    Yes I get the idea
    And yes I understand the self sufficiency of it and I also get the screw the fckers screwing us
    But how much longer are we going to continue taking this shit from these assholes ? Because that’s all I really want to know right now

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