Hotel and motel staff spy on how much you drink and how you dress


Since at least 2016, hotel and motel staff have been spying on guests and notifying law enforcement of anyone that dresses inappropriately for their age or has lower quality clothing.

Hotel and motel staff are also told to be on the lookout for suspicious people that ask for extra towels, or have excessive alcohol in their rooms and much more.  

They are told to call 1-866-DHS-2-ICE (1-866-347-2423) and report suspicious criminal activity to federal law enforcement. Laughably or sadly depending on how you feel about being spied on by hospitality workers, DHS claims that highly trained DHS specialists will take their reports.

Unfortunately, asking for extra towels or having lots of alcohol in your room is only the tip of the iceberg

Hotel & motel staff will contact police for almost anything

Welcome to police state America 2018, where hotel and motel staff will notify law enforcement for almost anything.

According to DHS’s Blue Campaign, if you don’t want to be considered a suspicious person by hotel and motel staff,  you should never wear provocative clothing. You should never use their bar or restaurant to meet a date. You should never wear musk, cologne or perfume. You should never pay for your food or drinks with cash or a pre-paid credit card. You should never ask about porno movies or have pornography in your room. You should never use side entrances or exits. And you should never back into a parking spot.

The list of things hotel and motel staff find suspicious should anger every (union) convention goer, business traveler and vacationer.

Below, is a list of fifteen unbelievable things that will get you reported to law enforcement.

1.) Room paid for with cash or pre-loaded credit card.

2.) Requests room or housekeeping services (additional towels,new linens, etc.), but denies hotel/motel staff entry into room.

3.) Do Not Disturb” sign used constantly.

4.) Provocative clothing and shoes.

5.) Excessive amounts of alcohol or illegal drugs in rooms.

6.) Evidence of pornography.

7.) Excessive amounts of sex paraphernalia in rooms (condoms, lubricant, lotion, etc.).

8.) Excessive use of hotel computers for adult oriented or sexually explicit websites.

9.) Refusal of cleaning services for multiple days.

10) Excessive amounts of cash in a room.

11.) Individuals enter/exit through the side or rear entrances, instead of the lobby.

12.) Car in parking lot regularly parked backward, so the license plate is not visible. 

13.) Individuals waiting at a table or bar and picked up by a male (trafficker or customer).

14.) Individuals show signs of fear, anxiety, tension,submission, and/or nervousness. 

15.) Smell of bodily fluids and musk. 

Why is DHS asking the hospitality industry to go through guests belongings and search their rooms without a warrant?

The answer is disturbing.

Law enforcement uses hotel and motel staff to do an end run around the Fourth Amendment. (Click here to see how law enforcement uses hospital staff to do an end run around the 4th.)

Unfortunately, we have more to worry about than hotel and motel workers spying on everyone..

DMV’s report suspicious people to DHS

The above video reveals how the Nevada DMV also reports suspicious people to DHS. But what the above video does not explain, is what DMV’s consider suspicious.

DHS’s plan to turn everyone into spies is well on it’s way. Soon nowhere will be safe from government/corporate spying.

5 thoughts on “Hotel and motel staff spy on how much you drink and how you dress

  1. I guess everyone’s in the rat business these days, so I’ll just avoid motels and sleep in the truck when I’m traveling.

    1. After having to make a run to Tennessee twice in two weeks and paying the Hotel fees .. than they want to pull this crap?

      I have an 85 conversion van that is also capable of off grid living ( its my conversion) for about a week , Ill be using that from now on
      hell the Hotel fee would have paid my fuel bill

  2. “DHS’s plan to turn everyone into spies is well on it’s way. Soon nowhere will be safe from government/corporate spying.”


    That’s what I love about being surrounded by mountains & forests. 🙂

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