How Israel Hardware Backdoored – Everything

Published on Apr 13, 2018

The Intel Management Engine. Or, the Israel Management Engine. This extract is 2.32 minutes long. Perfect for todays busy IT housewife as she breastfeeds, makes dinner and runs her corporate level business in red high heels waiting for hubby to get home from the office.

Taken from the excellent mini doco – “Israeli Drones World Wide”.…

Israel’s Secret Weapon – The Talpiot Program…

A tiny “Arc Processor” sitting within the Intel CPU with it’s own custom version of Linux (Minix) operating beyond the software level – completely transparent to the end user.

Does not matter if your using Windows, Linux or Apple iOS…you are toast and THIS is how Israel does it. All part of The Talpiot Program. No one is safe – no one. AMD has the exact same system – Platform Security System – and that is now totally owned and run by China. The ENTIRE worlds “Cloud Based” Internet system is backdoored by Israel.

THIS is a national security disaster. Disaster is spelt D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R. I have copped endless shit for 9 years exposing this.

I have been jailed, beaten, bashed, vilified and threatened with the dreaded “Wood Shed” by Ry Ry Dawson [shivers], but I am still here. And so are you. I have been greeted by high level players. Everyone HATES Israel. Everyone. They just have the key staff in key positions bribed and blackmailed. They have “kill switched” the worlds infrastructure.

This is why Netanyahu is soooooooooo cocky and why we never seem to get anywhere. With thanks to Luke for the details on the IME. Luke worked as a software engineer and specialized in all things Intel.

4 thoughts on “How Israel Hardware Backdoored – Everything

  1. Brendon Oconnell is doing some good work. But I just watched Talpiot Talk that a circle of people are doing, and Oconnell completely disgraced the recently deceased Nick Spero. It was so so rude, Greg McCarren left the talk.

    Don’t RIP Nick Spero. Take a rest. Then get back here. This guy owes you an apology.

  2. I was warning about this here a while ago.
    Not one device is safe at all.

    And ‘jews’ doing it again. First the print media, then radio, then film and television…now the internet of things.

    Very dark times ahead indeed.


  3. The stinking jews prefer backdoors… on everything.

    That’s it for me… see y’all Tues. (no internet tomorrow) ­čÖü

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