Taken in a Walmart in Mckinney, TX.

I don’t know about you, but I find this both hilarious and insulting.

Considering that Walmart never opens up a register, forces you to go through self-serve checkout, wants to become the first shopping center to go cashier-less, and the fact that everything is made from China, I’m curious as to how in the HELL they support American jobs and what part of it they are proud of.  



24 thoughts on “Taken in a Walmart in Mckinney, TX.

  1. I have been noticing the same thing at our local Walmart, south of Dallas, Texas. I rarely go in there any longer. If you are lucky you will find maybe one or two people working at a check out stand, all the others are self check out. I refuse to use self check out. There are a couple items I purchase that only Walmart carries in our small town, so I go there maybe once a month. Another thing that has turned me off is a couple homeless guys and their dogs have become the “outside store greeters”. One day I asked a manager when they were going to start paying these “greeters” who stayed on the outside of the store. He told me that was not their problem it was a city problem as the police had been contacted several times. That has been another turn off for going to Walmart. Now days I drive a further distance to go elsewhere so I do not have to go to Walmart. They have pretty much lost 99% of my business and in years past they had almost all my business. Also, the quality of a lot of their merchandise is of a lower grade than years gone by.

  2. So, supporting Amerikan jobs is why they are phasing out the cashier in favor of the self check out and why the self check out has very few registers that accept cash. Guess some can’t see what’s happening…

  3. Investing in American jobs?
    Yeah, I bet WM invests lots of their profit in American jobs.
    Like at Raytheon, JP Morgan, Lockheed Martin, Golden Sacks etc…
    Fargin lying rat bastiches!

  4. At the Wal Mart I go to in Illinois, often only one or two cash registers are manned. But, there’s ALWAYS a couple of people near the exit to make you dig out and show your purchase receipt.

  5. Seems to me that WalMart-Sams is turning into another Amazon. they now have 3PLs getting you your items you order online…supposedly it is quicker for customers that way…

    These oligarchies know that customers will do whatever they think they have to do for the sake of convenience…until one day when there are so few jobs left then maybe they realize this “convenience” caused all this job loss.

    And I will wait in line for a cash register person. I HATE SELF-CHECKOUT! Not just the lack of humanity….these “robot” check outs ALWAYS screw up somehow! ALWAYS! (And then the lone support person has to rush hither and thither helping self-checkout customers…I wonder if she even gets a bathroom break? Hopefully she’s not pregnant…you think Amazon is bad, try Sports Direct, an English-type Amazon, that forced pregnant women to have their babies on the floor at work! Wish I could provide the link…)

  6. No more overnight parking for semis at Walmart nation wide.

    Do I have to say the words???

    1. Not just semis, Mark… no rv’s or cars anymore, either.

      Commie bast@rds can rot for all I care. The only thing I’ve been buying there is cat food, but I pay a dollar more at Bi-Mart for it since the bullsh#t gun issue.

      1. Yeah,

        These bastards have gone to goddamn far, the parking issue was a God send for me because of all the new regulations with the hours of service. Now, we have to become unsafe to try and beat the clock to find parking. Walmart was a great resource, now were fkd. Truck stops are jammed.

        I still shop there because I’m ham strung, no where else is decent easy parking.

        1. Truckers should refuse to deliver to the scumbags.

          Question: where are you getting your MSM these days? I couldn’t find the site on the internet that I used to get mine from. I found another one in WA (Evolution Health. com) that is also made here in the U.S., as I damn sure don’t want that cr@p from China.

          (almost out of time – 3:00 closing)

          1. I get the “life time” powder brand, I look for the cheapest on the net.

            Fk Amazon. I wouldn’t buy sqwat from that shit stain.

          2. I think it was 2006, the year I retired. I had to deliver to Walmart in Tomah, Wi. I was informed I had to pay them to unload my truck. Being the kind & gentle old Marine I am, I refused to pay. I laughed at them & told them if they want their stuff to get busy or I would leave. They told me I couldn’t leave. They called my boss, boss called me & I told him the same. They came out in the parking lot & we had a yelling match. Then they unloaded me. F ’em. I think the boss probably paid them. Then they sent my boss a registered letter barring me from the property. Broke my heart.

      2. When did they pull this shit?
        I haven’t had to “weekender” in my RV van in a while while on the road , so I haven’t run across this yet

        1. Just within the last week. They call the cops 500 dollar fine and they wheel lock your ass.

          1. They started in Lebanon (about 14 miles from here) about 7 or 8 months ago.

            COMMIE TRASH!!!!! 😡

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