How to Open a Can without Can Opener – Zombie Survival Tips #20

Published on May 30, 2013 by CrazyRussianHacker

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Don’t have any tools to open a can no problem just use concrete

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16 thoughts on “How to Open a Can without Can Opener – Zombie Survival Tips #20

  1. Your welcome! I thought when I first saw this that they would shoot it open, how dumb I am!! I had no clue that would work!

  2. That’s the same thing you do to a 55gallon drum to turn it into a burn barrel, or trash can. Except you use a grinder. Good to know that you can do that with a food can also. Good post Missy

  3. Awesome post Missy! I learn something new everyday.

    I love when he feeds kitty the tuna. “Kitty will survive”. LOL 😛

    1. me too!! When I saw this I was like “what!!!” This I can say I never ever thought of! And kitty had tuna!! My cats hear the can opener they come a running! Once the SHTF they will be like I hear the can on the concrete it means food!! 🙂 Or they will be like girl, here is dinner, we hunt you humans are dumb! 2 days ago I went to get in my jeep, freezing weather here in the south and right next to the drivers door was a dead rat! My cats just looked like what? hey it’s cold we thought you needed food!

      1. LOL Missy! Sounds like the kitties were trying to nurture you! Returning the favor so to speak. 😉

        We had a stray cat adopt us a few years back, she would hunt mice like it was nobody’s business, but she would leave all the heads at the back door! Gross! We ended up handing her over to some friends that had a mice problem in their home in the city. They say she is the best cat they ever had. HAHA

        Are you guys out of your deep freeze? I know that pile up in Atlanta was crazy for us New Englander’s, but down south I understand they don’t stock up on sand and salt for the roads.

        1. yes we are out of the deep freeze, here they just close everything! They finally deiced the basin bridge on I 10, today right before it warmed up, dumb butts! I swear people in government are just dumb! Why would you deploy vehicles to an area to deice, when in 4 hours the temps will be above freezing? This last winter storm was not as bad as last weeks storm. Just weird 2 ice storms in DEEP south Louisiana in a week, very weird, but the people here are vigilant for the most part, unlike Atlanta! We did not even hear of horror stories out of New Orleans! Which usually they are unprepared. I was not worried, I did notice that when they shut the schools down, the traffic in the neighborhood is non existent.

          I have 5 kitty cats, and they love to leave me presents!! I have just never had a RAT next to my vehicle! It was a little surprising! But I know it is their way of saying THANKYOU!!

          1. Glad you guys are back to normal, and yeah when the govs get involved, it usually just makes things worse.

            We lived in WA state for awhile, and they would just shut the roads down until spring on the routes that were unnecessary. That was up around Chinook Pass. At times, it wouldn’t even open up till nearly June. They couldn’t be bothered to plow.

            I know the kitties were saying thank you with rats, but LOL I can’t even tell you how much that gives me the skivies! I see rats in the glass containers at Petco, and want to run! LOL

            Oh, I forgot to mention: Did you see the compare pics of Atlanta from the highway gridlock to the tv series “The Walking Dead”? Almost identical, and freaky!


  4. Awesome! The only drawback may be squeezing until the lid comes loose, then slices your finger.

    Stay Alert, Stay Alive

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