Hypocrisy: CDC Tells Healthcare Workers They Don’t Need Respirators … But When CDC Personnel Visit Ebola Patients, They Wear Respirators

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CDC’s Double-Standard Regarding Ebola

CNN notes that CDC tells healthcare workers that they only need goggles and a cloth face mask when treating Ebola carriers … but CDC personnel themselves wear full respirators and hazardous materials suits when visiting the same hospitals (2:02-2:26 & 4:00-5:30 into video).

In the clip, the Vice President of the National Nurses Union – and the President of the California Nurses Association/National Nurse Organizing Committee – says:  

The CDC has put out some guidelines which we think are not enough.

Because they say we do not need haz mat suits for these type of patients.

Then why is that when they come out to investigate or transport a patient, they are wearing haz mat suits?

Is it because we are just nurses?

CNN also points out that the CDC protocols only require that healthcare workers treating Ebola patients use cloth masks and goggles. But the infectious disease experts at Emory University who treated Ebola patients wore full haz mat suits and respirators.

Background here.


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