Idaho Cop Tells BMX Riders That They Don’t Have Rights Because They are Being Detained

JRN News – by Christopher Oswalt

Caldwell Police have launched an internal investigation into some of its own after an On Your Side viewer reached out with claims of police wrong doing.

Joe Dondero says back in August he and a group of friends were showing of their biking talents at the Plaza Skate Park in Caldwell when an officer approached them for being in the park after hours. The park closes at 11 p.m. The police report says the officer arrived at 11:12.  

“He just rolled in and said the park is closed. Go home. He gave us maybe 30 seconds. He said did I stutter? Basically that was enough to tick off some people and that is exactly what happened,” Dondero told reporter Chris Oswalt.

Dondero says the officer’s actions were out of line. Dondero admits he confronted the officer and told him he felt he was making the situation worse.

“I’m still blown away at how this accelerated from five guys riding their bikes at the park. They searched everybody. They didn’t find any drugs or alcohol. We were just riding our bikes at the park like we have done several times,” Dondero said.

One of Joe’s buddies recorded part of the incident. He says in it you can clearly hear the officer’s violating their civil rights.

“Okay. You guys are detained. You’re not free to leave. You’re out past 11 in a municipal park. That means that is a misdemeanor,” the officer can be hear saying.

“We were trying to leave but he pulled out and said he all were detained,” one of the bikers is heard replying. “He told us to leave and we were listening to him.”

The officer can then be heard saying, “it doesn’t matter.”

It is hard to see what is going on the video. It is pointed to the ground, but you can hear what is being said. At one point, the officer attempts to take the cell phone used for the recording away.

“I need you to put that cell phone down right now because you are detained. Give me the cell phone. Give me the cell phone,” the officer said. “It is within my legal rights,” one of the men can be heard in the recording.”No you’re not. You don’t have any legal rights now because right now you just broke the law,” the officer replies.

The video provided to On Your Side is just over two-minutes long. Joe’s lawyer has the full 20-minute video.

Dondero and one of his friends were ticketed for trespassing. Dondero was also charged with resisting and obstructing. He is fighting the charges in court.

Caldwell’s Police Chief Chris Allgood told Oswalt he had not heard of the video until Oswalt called him. He would not comment on the investigation launched as a result of Oswalt showing him the video.

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