5 thoughts on “Immigration (Who’s your daddy?)

  1. 10 newspapers 6 million jews found on a youtube search raised my eyebrows to the actually death toll. Yes the Holocaust was horrible. Yes it happened. But taking into account the disease and starvation that comes with the misery of war begs the question. Why that same number……6 million again and again decades before Hitler even came to power?

  2. Hitler wasn’t wrong. He saw this scourge for what it truly is. Unfortunately, Winston Smith has re-invented “history” in favor of the Zionists and the ignorant populace believes it.
    To Peter (above): I believe you are incorrect in your statement that the “holocaust” happened. It has been proven time and again that the ovens were built years after the war…to what end? Most likely to sell the myth. Another interesting and often-ignored fact is that nearly all the camps were NOT in Germany! And yes, Peter, the 6 million baloney has been around since the 1890s AT LEAST!! I’d believe that 6 million people died…gypsies, priests, homos, bankers, mentally or physically handicapped, convicts, etc…anyone who either is morally corrupt or a burden on the state (look at what Cuba did to Carter! Castro emptied the prisons and mental asylums which is why Miami turned into a cesspool…he got rid of the scum that cost the state money).

  3. The lack of cremated remains as well as the scientific impossibilities of vaporizing anywhere near such a number dispells the myth of 6 gorillian joos prophecied by the talmud.

    Zyklon B was used to save their worthless arses for relocation to stolen Palestine. German people were not even afforded such lifesaving conveniences while being genocided by the allies.

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