Intruder Shot By Homeowner In Garland TX

Concealed Nation – by Brandon

A man found four people breaking into his apartment, and that’s when he had no choice but to shoot. One of the intruders, 18-year-old Michael Paxton, was killed at the scene. He was found by police inside the home with gunshot wounds. Paramedics transferred him to an ambulance but he later died. The other three are still being sought by police.

Police say they believe Paxton and another suspect had handguns with them when they tried to burglarize the apartment. They don’t believe there’s a connection to the resident and the men involved.

Police said that they have also linked Paxton to an armed robbery at a convenience store last month. During this apartment break-in, Paxton and another intruder were apparently armed with handguns (and we’d be willing to bet that they didn’t acquire them legally).

The homeowner was apparently unharmed during the break-in.

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