Is the Government Shutdown a Display of Obama’s Marxist Ideology in Order to have a Communist Style Revolution?

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Barack Obama has to be eligible for the greatest “Liar of all Time” award! He lied about Benghazi, and even had people lie for him about Benghazi. All the while, he knew what happened, but Obama could not tell the truth, just a huge lie! Obama lied about Fast and Furious. He lied about the IRS. He lied about no one having to lose their doctors. He lied about no one having to lose their insurance. He lied about not knowing about the World War 2 memorial. He lied about not knowing about the death benefits for the Veterans. Obama has lied more than any other President on record.  

Obama began his lies while back at Occidental College in California. He studied Karl Marx under a professor named Roger Boesche, a political theorist on campus that most students followed as a Marxist revolutionary, even though Boesche did not see himself as a Marxist. Many considered Roger Boesche to hold to the Marxist ideology.

Obama made the statement, “We do not increase our debt by increasing the debt ceiling.”

Now just think about that for a moment and realize that if we, as individuals, made that type of statement, we would be the laughing stock of the world! Technically, it’s correct to say just because you increase a credit limit, it doesn’t mean that debt automatically increases. However, when you cannot control your spending, it is automatic that raising the limit will incur increased debt. For instance, we could request an increase in a credit limit on our credit card, but if we aren’t spending, then there is no increased debt. However, if we operate in the fashion the federal government is operating, then it is a given that our asking for an increase in a credit limit is to incur more debt.

Obama had made statements that would be considered very damaging to any political office today while he was at Occidental College. We can make such a statement due to an interview with a man who discussed the ideology of Marxism with Obama when Obama was at Occidental College.

During the only interview of Dr. John Drew, who is the only one known to have talked to Obama at Occidental College, Drew stated the following;

“I basically spent the day with him, Chandoo, and Caroline Boss, I was visiting Boss from Cornell where I was studying. I graduated ahead of them but I had come back for the trip to be with Caroline. We hung out with Obama and Chandoo for that day and went out to lunch then we ended up arguing pretty late in the evening about Marxist and politics.

Whether or not there would be a revolution, a Communist style revolution in the United States. The key takeaway there is that I may have been one of the first people in the world to confront Barack Obama’s kind of silly belief, Marxist idea that there was going to be an inevitable Communist revolution coming to the United States. I feel in my heart that I had persuaded him that that wasn’t in the cards and it wasn’t going to happen and at the end of that time he believed me. I think a bunch of us, Marxist Communist style people were turned off by a Communist style revolution I think that Obama would have heard that from someone else eventually, but from his reaction, I think I was the first person that he could identify as an ally, and a friend and supporter who sincerely believes that there would never be a Communist style revolution. That debate I think helped Obama intellectually, but it helped seal the end of my romantic relationship with Marxist.”

We can see that Obama had an idea to have some sort of “Communist Style” revolution. When asked during this interview if Obama seems to still have that idea in his head, Dr. John Drew stated:

“We were confiding in each other the way people fight with each other people with major historical struggles in communicating, very down to earth, very honest. Like I said, I am ashamed of my Socialist/Marxist past, I have a conversion story which explains how I became a Christian, Constitutional Conservative. Barack Obama has no conversion story. There is a story about how he stopped being a Marxist, if anything his career, life shows an alarming consistency in his ideological extremism.”

This ideology now seems to play a huge part in Obama seemingly overseeing the shut down in the most painful way that it can be done, just so he can “manipulate” the problem. It would seem to indicate from the only interview of Dr. John Drew, that Obama has not given up his idea of a “Communist style revolution,” and he is causing people as much pain as possible in order to bring about such a revolution.

Obama would much rather allow people to suffer, than to do what is right for the nation. We should not forget what Obama and the Democrats have done to our veterans, and we should not forget that Obama closed monuments that some of the park rangers said was done in order to make life as difficult as possible for people! This shows Obama’s basic ideology of Karl Marx, mixed with some of Saul Alinsky and others, to instill as much pain as possible so that he can get what he wants and make his opponents look as helpless as they could be made to look. It is the Obama way or no way!

Dr. John Drew was asked the following question, as he recalled his conversation with Barack Obama at Occidental College sitting under a banner bearing the image of Karl Marx:

“Do you see the same Marxist ideology now with Barack Obama?”

Dr. Drew answered, “Yes, especially when he talks about the people holding on to their guns and religion because of economic stress. That is a Marxist idea. Everything he says about it being a good idea to spread the wealth around; that is Marxist/Socialist concepts. Some of the statements Obama makes about things inevitably get better, I think that is a Marxist ideological remnants.”

Even as recently as 2012, when the interview was conducted, Dr. Drew saw the very same Marxist ideology Obama had back in the 1980s! This is very troubling, especially since a good number of people associated with Obama have been linked directly or closely to Communists or Socialists! Remember this, and make sure you pass this on to others so they will know without a doubt that President Barack Obama had not just studied Marxism, but may well be practicing it today to make people “feel the pain” and “force” them to do what he wants and not what is right for the nation or what is right by the Constitution! Also, remember that all of the Democratic Senators stand behind him, even when he allows the failure of promised benefits to the survivors of fallen Veterans! We, as a nation, should not allow this to continue to happen. We must take our nation back, and bring forth a balanced budget, get our people back to work here building our own tools, equipment, and everything else our nation once had done previously!

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6 thoughts on “Is the Government Shutdown a Display of Obama’s Marxist Ideology in Order to have a Communist Style Revolution?

  1. The administration and congress are doing what they are told by the real people that run this country. If people do not believe this than they have drunk the kool aid, big time.

  2. No. the government shutdown is being used to provoke the people into initiating the conflict. They’ll try to make things tougher and tougher until someone starts shooting, at which point they’ll “retaliate”.

    This is necessary for the government to maintain the “moral high-ground” in this war, which they need to do in order to have any supporters whatsoever.

    The third of November may be the actual tipping point if the Social Security checks don’t go out.

  3. DUH – YA THINK?

    That puppet on a string is doing what he is told. You people are giving that creep far too much credit. He isn’t that clever, and is following an agenda that the Shadow Government is holding him to.

    OBAMA IS JUST A MOUTH PIECE. Recognize stupidity when you see it !

  4. Shovel dirt on America’s grave. The America we knew has died. The present thievery of the banks constitutes the last great American garage sale as the vulture bankers are picking the financial bones of America completely clean. The banks and their executives are trying to steal everything that is not nailed down. They have commenced attacking the pensions and soon it will be the bank accounts, houses, farms and businesses of America. In short, the banks are to come out the other side of a financial collapse with as many tangible assets as possible. The American middle class is being asked to bear the burden of the entire derivatives market which totals over 16 times the net value of the entire planet. If this financial debt problem had a cure, then ask yourself why so many corporate heads are building homes overseas? Why did George Bush build a 100,000 acre ranch in Paraguay? Why is NORTHCOM, a combat organization, engaging in nonstop urban riot control training? Why did FEMA and DHS schedule 10 disaster drills between September 25th and November 13th? Are we to believe that all of these factors are unrelated? It is looking more and more like the bail-out money, which was no more than the private theft of public money, is actually doing what the name implies, it is bailing out corporate executives. America is being forced to fund the getaway gifts for those that have stolen so much from the American people…

    Once they have our hard assets, it will be anarchy on the streets as very soon it will be every man for himself.

  5. Is Obama a Marsist?

    Not a typo — no, this one is stranger. While John C. Drew Ph. D. claims young Obama was at Occidental College in 1980-81 spouting Marxism [link to American Thinker web site], a new report from two ex-members of a secret CIA Mars time-travel and teleport team claims the future President was actually on Mars.

    Andrew D. Basiago, 50, a lawyer in Washington State who served in DARPA’s time travel program Project Pegasus in the 1970’s, and fellow chrononaut William B. Stillings, 44, who was tapped by the Mars program for his technical genius, have publicly confirmed that Obama was enrolled in their Mars training class in 1980 and that each later encountered Obama during visits to rudimentary U.S. facilities on Mars that took place from 1981 to 1983.

    What’s ‘Doctor’ Drew’s medical specialty?

    The Zionists are getting nervous, realizing that their work of a 1,000 years is getting exposed, including their part in the 9/11 False Flag and they know if people wake up enough and realize Israel was the main mastermind, then that ‘SLC’ will get wiped off the face of the Earth, so they’re using their MSM to confuse people and give them something, like a Communist Muslim Obama, to direct their rage towards.

    Don’t fall for it, we know who’s behind 9/11, and the ones who have been ransacking our economy since 1913.

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