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I do most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear…

  • To have my throat cut across…
  • My tongue torn out by the roots…
  • And my body buried in the rough sands of the sea at low water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows in twenty-four hours…  

…should I ever knowingly or willingly violate this my solemn oath or obligation as an Entered Apprentice Mason. So help me God.”

Exposing the works of Satan: Popular Music

The spirit behind most secular music is Satanic. Many artists have admitted to “selling” their souls to Satan for fame and fortune. Many artists have also admitted themselves to channeling or being a conduit for evil spirits to create or perform their music. Remember, these are the artists saying themselves and the people around them that have said they are possessed or feel like the music is channeled through them. [ Read More ]

If you have any doubt about The Devil being real, after reading The 11pg. Lost Chapter, “Madonna in Sorrow”.. You will no longer deny.

Read: Madonna-in-Sorrow Here

9 thoughts on “Satanism Exposed

  1. (Disclaimer: I don’t mean to offend, but over the years I started to get offended by people shoving religion down my throat or brainwashing those who can’t think for themselves) I don’t go around door to door trying to convince christians and muslims and jews that they are all insane because they believe in magical megalomaniacal beings. I don’t hand out pamphlets and ask for donations for the church of Pat. I’m still looking for proof of a magical evil being that “god” created and this being admired this “god” so much he emulated him and wanted to be just like him so god kicked him out of “heaven” for trying to take over…and lots of stuff happened in between and in the end “god” will triumph over this “satan”, and if you really believe that I’ve still got stock in Bear Stearns I’d like to sell you.
    If you really sit down for a second and THINK(something the brain washing authors of these books don’t want you to do for obvious reasons), this whole story really is INSANE.These stories come from people who used drugs like we use toothpaste and had “visions” of “gods” and “devils”. Satan is no more real than fairies and goblins. Just an excuse for people to explain away the bad things we do…Religion (in its organized form) is just a way to control the masses as it is called the “opiate of the masses”. If there is a creator of the universe he/she/it whatever/ probably doesn’t even know we are here and if it did, it would be APPALLED at our species and probably spay and neuter us.
    I apologize if I offended but these religions offend the hell out of me and I see them as being the cause of 90% of the pain and suffering in this world. Wake up and smell the bullshit.

    1. Yes, Pat, I can’t argue with you, but I would like to point out that it really doesn’t matter if YOU believe it. The fact of the matter is that they do, and many others do, so the myth still has power as a tool of control.

      I don’t believe in Satan either, but I do believe we’ll meet him, because humans will create him and bring him here.

  2. 3 scams: religion, war, money creation.

    God is energy, from which all matter is derived. All things are made of God. The breath of life to an otherwise culmination of proteins is the hand of God. Religions claim a monopoly on God, but God is same for all plants, animals and even life of other planets. God is not a vengeful man who lives in the sky, and does not hear prayers, and will not intervene. That is why free will is universal. Spirit of evil is born to all men, known as self preservation. The bible contains much truth, although spun and not necessarily happening in time claimed. It is based on pride of kings, observations of stars and handed down since before last world cataclysm. Ancients also attribute mother and father as God, for from them a life is created.

    To observe mass psychosis, one only need observe the religious peoples of the world. All living things have souls, but man is unique in it’s desire to embrace delusion, rather than nature.

    First, a friendly reminder of the definition of ‘Logos’..

    1. The rational principle (higher thought) that governs and develops the or, ‘a’ universe.

    Creation is based upon the ‘Three Primary Distortions of The Infinite One’.

    1). Free Will:

    In the first Law (or distortion) of Creation, the Creator receives the Free Will to know and experience Itself as an individuated though (paradoxically) unified aspect of ‘The One’.

    2). Love:

    In the second Law of Creation, the initial distortion of Free Will, becomes a focus point of awareness known as Logos, or ‘Love’ (or The Word in biblical terms). Love, or Logos, using It’s Infinite Intelligent Energy, then takes on the role of co-creating a vast array of physical illusions (‘thought forms’) or Densities (which some call Dimensions) in which according to It’s Intelligent design, will best offer the range of ‘potential’ experiences in which It can know Itself.

    In effect, the One Infinite Creator, in dividing Itself into Logos, could be termed in our 3rd Density understanding as a ‘Universal Creator’. In other words, Logos, creates on a Universal level of Being. Logos creates physical Universes, in which It and the Creator may experience theirself.

    (“Let there be Light”)

    3). Light:

    To manifest this Infinite spiritual or ‘Life-Force’ Energy into a physical thought form of Densities, Logos creates the third distortion, of Light. From the three original Primary distortions of The One into making the Creation, arise myriad hierarchies of other sub-distortions, containing their own specific paradoxes. The goal of the Game is to enter into these in further divions of Creation, and then seek to harmonize the Polarities, in order to once again know Oneself as the Creator of them.

    The nature of all such physically manifest Energy, is Light. Wherever thus exists any form of physical ‘matter’, there is Light, or Divine Intelligent Energy at it’s Core or Centre.

    Something which is Infinite cannot be ‘other than’, or ‘many’, An Infinite Creator knows only Unity. Thus, drawing upon It’s Infinite Intelligence, the Infinite Creator designed a blueprint based on the finite principles of Free Will of Awareness and sub-level Creations, which in turn, could become aware of themselves, and seek to experience themselves as Creators. And so the “Russian Doll” style experiment was ‘stepped down’ and down and down. Levels of Creation within levels of Creation.

    The One Infinite Creator (or Great Central Sun) steps down It’s Infinite Energy to become Logos. Logos in turn designs vast Universes of Space (as yet unmaterialized), stepping down and splitting Itself again, into Logoi (plural), in other words, into an array of Central Suns which will each become a Logos (or ‘co-creator’) of It’s own Universe, with each unique individualized portion of the One Infinite Creator, containing within It as It’s very essence, Intelligent Infinity.

    Using the Law of Free Will, each Universal Logos (Central Sun) designs and creates It’s own version or perspective of ‘physical reality’ in which to experience Itself as Creator. Stepping down again, It focuses It’s Intelligent Energy and creates the unmanifest form of Galaxies within Itself, and splits Itself into yet further ‘co-creator’ portions (‘Sub-Logos’ or Suns) which in turn will then design and manifest their own ideas of physical reality in the form of points of Conscious Awareness that we call Suns Stars and Planets.

    A ‘planetary entity’ (or ‘Soul’) begins the first Density of experience, into which another individualized portion of The One can incarnate. Just as with all Logos and Sub Logos of Creation, each Soul is yet another smaller unique portion of The Infinite One. At first, the Intelligent Energy of the planet is in a state that you could call ‘chaos’, meaning that It’s Energy is undefined. Then the process begins again. The planetary Energy begins to become aware of Itself (the 1st Density of awareness is ‘Consciousness’), and the Planetary Logos (sub-sub-Logos in effect) begins to create other downward steps within Itself, and the internal make up of the planet begins to form; as the raw elements of air and fire combine to ‘work on’ the Waters and Earth, thus arising conscious awareness of their ‘being’, and the process of ‘evolution’ begins, forming the 2nd Density.

    2nd Density beings begin to become aware of themselves, as being ‘separate’, and thus begin to evolve toward the 3rd Density of self-conscious-awareness, (the lowest Density into which a ‘human soul’ can incarnate).

    Humans in turn (or the Souls incarnated within them), seek to ‘return to the Light’ and Love, from which they came, as they begin the journey of progression, from 3rd Density up to the 8th Density, and the return to The Infinite One-ness.

    Between ‘lives’ we all have a great laugh about the parts we have performed in the ‘play’, and look forward to and have great fun preparing the next chapters to act out.

  4. “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God” Psalm 14:1 KJV.

    One question only for the non-believers:

    What if you’re wrong, and we’re right?

    1. I always did like that saying ” what if you`re wrong and we are right ” 🙂 . Good to see ya back from your weekend #1 🙂

    2. My Creation Post did not say God was not real, just he is not a bearded man in the sky. More of an Entity.

      I believe in a Higher Being just not the Industrialized version vomited by man…

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