12 thoughts on “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Son Speaks to a Crowd of Christians in Alabama

  1. Boy…….
    This guy lies just like his murderous father, perhaps even better.

    Who gives a shit what he has to say…..you have to be an idiot.

    Nuff said

    1. To answer your question is… I do. Because these guys have to be watched like hawks. It’s the old, “know your enemy” bit.

      Repeating: For any who watch the WHOLE thing, this is somewhat of a gift for it so succinctly capsulizes their position and demonstrates the sway they wish to hold over American minds.

      Bibi’s son does, in fact show that the apple does not fall far from the tree. This might have been his test-run in his great grooming process to be made king of the world.


  2. “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Son Speaks to a Crowd of Christians in Alabama”

  3. oh puke! i couldn’t listen to the lies. On trunews a while back there was a video, where rick wiles visited Bethlehem. it was a minister, who had own his home and land for 400 yrs. passed down from generation to generation, so that 100 yr. thing, is a down and outright lie. they do not own the land, and they were not allowed to go to israel to make a state, ever again. they were taken out of Israel because they disobeyed God period. and if they were true jews, then why is tel vi the gay capital of the world. gee whiz..

  4. What???!!!!! Uncle Bennie has a son?? He has the same sick, smug face as his father. Like father, like son. He’s such a nerd. I wonder if he can draw an acme bomb as good as his father.

    “I want to ask you, how many of you have been to Israel?”

    I’m sorry, but where is Israel? I didn’t know such a country existed. Last time I checked it was called PALESTINE, you sick genocidal f$ck!

    I’d like to wipe the floor with that gumball mouth of his. He looks like a horse with glasses.

  5. The psychopaths tend to stick together and breed more psychopaths.
    This is a perfect example.
    Plus, he seems like a bit of a fag to me.

    1. “Plus, he seems like a bit of a fag to me.” Could very well be. Could also be he’s just so soft from having been pampered all life long; never had to face anything difficult.

      Son of a criminal, got it good.

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