“It’s Beyond ANY Shadow of a Doubt That the Vaccines Are Causing LARGE NUMBERS of Deaths”: Dr. Peter McCullough

Gateway Pundit – by Julian Conradson

Death inevitably follows pandemics, and it has been especially prevalent throughout the past two years, thanks to the Fauci-funded genetically modified virus that escaped from the Wuhan Lab in late 2019.

Despite the mass rollout of a vaccine, in which the majority of the population was compelled into taking the jab, excess deaths in the US remain at all-time highs over a year after the “cure” was introduced, and the numbers continue to get worse – especially for young Americans.

All while deaths from Covid itself are bottoming out.

So what is going on? The majority of people have taken their jabs, the virus has a 99.95-99.99% recovery rate for most, and Fauci himself said last month that we are moving out of the pandemic phase. What gives?

Well, according to Dr. Peter McCullough, the most published Cardiologist in history, the answer is unequivocally clear: the spike in death, which perfectly coincides with the rollout of the experimental jab, is the obvious culprit.

“It’s beyond any shadow of a doubt that the vaccines are causing a large number of deaths,” McCullough proclaimed in a recent interview with the ‘On a Mission Podcast.’

Can’t put it any clearer than that.

McCullough, who’s also an epidemiologist, isn’t just spouting off wild baseless claims. He explained his reasoning behind his shocking conclusion by walking through the “Bradford Hill Tenets of Causality,” in order to demonstrate the link between the vaccines and the current wave of excess deaths.

The Bradford Hill Tenets are widely considered to be the standard when evaluating cause and effect. It is regularly used in public health research and is defined as “a group of nine principles that can be useful in establishing epidemiologic evidence of a causal relationship between a presumed cause and an observed effect, according to Wikipedia.

From McCullough:

“I’m an epidemiologist, and people have asked me: ‘Dr. McCullough, are the vaccines actually causing deaths?’ 

The epidemiological construct that we have to go through is called the ‘Bradford Hill Tenets of Causality.’ So, the first question is: ‘is it a large epidemiologic signal?’ And I’ll tell you – it’s astronomical. All of the vaccines combined in the United States per year – its no more than 150 deaths, not temporally related. 

Here [with the Covid vaccine] we are at over 21,000 deaths. So clearly its a massive signal. 

Number two: ‘is there a dangerous mechanism of action?’ The answer is yes. We know the vaccines have a dangerous mechanism of action – they install production of the spike protien. The spike protein is what makes the respiratory infection lethal, and it follows that in some people excessive production of the spike protein in a vulnerable person would be lethal after a vaccine. 

The third criteria: ‘is it internally consistent? Are there other conditions that are now acknowledged that they themselves could be fatal?’ And the answer is sure. With myocarditis, the FDA agrees – all the regulatory experts agree – that the vaccines cause myocarditis. Can it be fatal? Yes. Have there been fatal cases published? Yes… There are over 200 peer reviewed publications of myocarditis. 

How about other forms of death? vaccine induced thrombosis, blood clots, stroke, hypertension, myocardial infection – a variety of other lethal syndromes. There’s over 1,000 peer reviewed published on fatal and non fatal outcomes [in regard to the Covid vaccine]. So that cryteria is met. It’s internally consistent. 

After briefly running through the rest of the tenants, McCullough sums it up and doesn’t pull any punches.

“I’ve just gone through the exercise – “it is beyond any shadow of a doubt that the vaccines are causing large numbers of deaths,” McCullough concludes. “It’s unequivocal, and I’m a card-carrying epidemiologist. I’m telling you, the vaccines are causing large numbers of deaths,” he repeated with emphasis.


As McCullough has warned previously, the damages from this vaccine will linger for years to come. These people who pushed it are criminals and need to be held accountable for this evil.

Gateway Pundit

12 thoughts on ““It’s Beyond ANY Shadow of a Doubt That the Vaccines Are Causing LARGE NUMBERS of Deaths”: Dr. Peter McCullough

  1. …thanks to the Fauci-funded genetically modified virus that escaped from the Wuhan Lab in late 2019.

    Nope. Didn’t happen. “Covid” DOES NOT exist. F*ck off Gateway Pundit – I didn’t read any more of your “Covid”-filled BS after that line but I saw that word scattered/reinforced throughout at a glance.

        1. And I do know that we qualify when we can, when we catch things and try to point out where the psyop is popping up and the programming words are being pushed forward. It’s no easy task to “sort the wheat from the chaff.” 🙂


  2. My wife got her 4th jab today while I remain a pure blood. Couldn’t talk her out of it, she is following all of the symptoms they claim the jabbed get.

  3. I am a skeptical person. For awhile (1-2 months in early 2020) I thought that CV might be vaporware propaganda or an augmented Flu virus. The only real world difference was that the CV targeted only the older SSI/Medicare generation and not newborns and young infants. The Flu usually targets both. Reliably. I have been saying for 20+ years that the demographics were going to force the psychopathic organized criminals to lower the average lifespan to somewhere near where it was when the “Ponzi scheme” programs of SSI/Medicare were initiated. Why? Demographics and psychopathic z organized criminals having stolen All on the funds that were to be kept for Seniors. (I didn’t put the z there. That’s their trademark for “we are watching you”). It’s happened thousands of times to me. FYI. Usually I remove it. But I’ve decided to stop doing that.
    Please be aware that this is probably a multifactorial cause of mortality that has delayed temporal effects. For easier deniability.
    My wife’s friend’s daughter, age 36, had her 3rd child, all 2 years apart, delivered today at ~37 weeks because it’s growth had stopped at~31 weeks. 5# 2oz. No high BP or eclampsia symptoms. Yes, she got the booster while pregnant. Her brother is a Family Practice doctor. WTF? I am speechless. The small baby was breech, however. Weight was checked every 3 days. After the epidural C-section today, the anesthesiologist said he had a lot of trouble controlling her blood pressure. Without more details like heart rate, urine output, etc. As a retired anesthesiologist, I can’t even speculate as to the cause. Importantly, he told her that she needed to see a cardiologist soon after she recovers from the C-Sxn. I never had to tell any woman that, without a pretty good idea as to the cause, over ~16 years of active practice. What does it mean? I don’t know. I was diagnosed with Aortic zvalve stenosis ~6 months ago. My wife was subsequently diagnosed with an ascending aortic aneurism about 3 months later. Mine can be repaired with a new valve via a femoral artery or an open chest surgery. ~90% success rate. Both good for 10 years Max. Not that great. The Star of “Big Love”, Bill z Paxton, and a famous character actor starting at “Terminator”, “Commando”, “Aliens”, “Tombstone”, “True Lies”, “Apollo 13”, “Twister”, “A Simple z plan”, “Titanic” and “Frailty”(watch it if you’ve never seen it). Died at age 61 in 2017 from the surgery that I will need within a year or two. I’m 63. Why has this and secondary pulmonary hypertension popped up in the last couple of years? My wife’s prognosis and open surgery required is significantly more serious. With much higher risks. It’s a rare condition and, I pray, she may never need surgery. People that get this are usually Marfan’s syndrome. Tall and lanky. My wife is the complete opposite of that. They usually die much younger of sudden death when the aneurism ruptures or extravasates. All this is just to say that I, personally, believe that we are going to see a “s**tstorm” of cardiovascular, renal and liver disease that will totally overwhelm our medical system.
    BTW. Both of us are unvacked but believe we got CV for about 5 days before they talked about publically in late 2019/ early 2020. And again during the delta variant time period. I was on zizvzmCN prophylaxis and took max doses for 5 days to recover. She was about a week behind me and also took the same protocol of meds that I did from the CV Real doctors channel.
    I’m not trying to be a fearmonger but these things I am seeing are unprecidented during 40 years of medicine.
    Always keep in mind who the real enemies are.

    1. I forgot to explain the difference between the post Vacks myocarditis and the myocarditis if you are not vacksed. With a flu or bad cold you get generalized (leg, arm, chest abdominal) muscle soreness (myalgia) that goes away as you recover.
      The same is currently presumed to be true with Czv. Myocarditis with decreased function that will recover like the rest of your body.
      However, if a person is jabberwockyed 1-2-3-4 times, tha heart muscle cells may produce the spike protein on their surface. This may trigger the newly “fired up” immune system cells to see these myocardial (heart muscle cells) to be attacked and killed. This is a forever problem. The heart cannot regenerate new muscle cells. That is bad news. There goes my ultra-Marathon career. Running vs.nPull out my fingernails has always been tough call for me. Running more than 100 yards. Not a fan.
      However, there is hope. Moderna (Woo Hoo) has “recently developed” a new “lipid encased mRNA medication” that will stimulate regeneration of New zheartvzmusvle z cells. This must have been perfected and available for quite some time. For “special customers”, since Duck Cheney is still alive. Problem. Reaction. Incredibly Expensive Solution. Available only for the important top tier “chosen” elites.

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