2 thoughts on ““It’s Happening In Front of Our Eyes!”

  1. 15 years ago, I showed the Zeitgeist Movie to my wife. She was so pissed off at me, she almost couldn’t talk.
    The movie depicted the birth of Christianity with other religious beginnings-stories and showed the parallels and similarities, completely destroying her world view.
    That was her takeaway from that movie, that it ridiculed her belief system. She heard and saw nothing else.
    To this very day, despite my constant remarks about EVERYTHING, she is glued to the Today Show and whatever local news is on the same channel, eating it up like ice cream and cake.
    She accepted the mask, almost too fast, even though I won’t get near one, and mask-bitch constantly when we go places together.
    Even though it is IN THE FACE, without the eyes to see it, or the willingness to consider it, nothing will be seen. 15 years and counting…

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