Covid: All Americans ‘will be vaccinated by June’ with two jabs available to some by Christmas

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All Americans will be vaccinated against the coronavirus within six months, and some within weeks, according to Operation Warp Speed’s supply, production and distribution director.

Speaking on Monday, Lieutenant General Paul Ostrowski said all Americans who wanted a Covid-19 vaccine “at that time” would do so.

“A hundred percent of Americans that want the vaccine will have had the vaccine by that point in time,” said Lt. Ostrowski to MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian. “We will have over 300 million doses available to the American public well before then.”

Those comments came as Moderna became the second pharmaceutical company after Pfizer to seek US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval of a Covid-19 vaccine, on Monday.

Clinical studies say both vaccines protect at least 94 per cent of those who receive doses.

Asked when vaccinations would start, Operation Warp Speed’s chief scientific adviser, Moncef Slaoui, told CNN last week that people could receive doses within 24 hours, once approved.

“Our plan is to be able to ship vaccines to the immunisation sites within 24 hours from the [FDA] approval, so I would expect maybe on day two, after approval,” he said last Sunday.

“Hopefully, the first people will be immunised across the United States, across all states,” around 11-12th December, following the FDA’s meeting to review Pfizer’s application on 10th December, said Mr Slaoui.

The agency’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee will then meet again on 17th December to review Moderna’s application.

With Operation Warp Speed plans to vaccine some 20 million Americans in December, and up to another 30 million per month afterwards, Mr Slaoui added that with vaccine rates at around 70 per cent, that “would allow true herd immunity to take place”.

“That is likely to happen somewhere in the month of May or something like that based on our plans,” said the chief scientific adviser, who added that he hoped acceptance around the vaccine would increase as time went on. “That’s going to be critical to help us.

“Most people need to be immunised before we can go back to a normal life.”

Operation Warp Speed, the public–private partnership initiated by the US government to assist in the development and distribution of Covid-19 vaccines, has been working since May.

12 thoughts on “Covid: All Americans ‘will be vaccinated by June’ with two jabs available to some by Christmas

  1. Wow, that is really, really great news. Thank you very much, so you are actually telling us that we don’t have to wait more years and endure endless propaganda at the hands of this faux occupied Government? and fake elections!

    That within 6 months, we get to start wasting you mthrfkrs, so exactly who will be enforcing these vaccines? How I wonder who and where the first shots will occur? in our arms or in your heads, stupid enforcers, who do you think you are?

    Well, real good news I guess.

  2. “A hundred percent of Americans that want the vaccine will have had the vaccine by that point in time,” said Lt. Ostrowski to MSNBC’s Yasmin Vossoughian.

    Yeah well I’m not one of those idiotic “Covidians”, you can shove that “vaccine” straight up your ass!

  3. Does anyone actually pay any attention to “Yahoo News”? Bwahahahahahahahahahahah!

    Yahoo is like Bing/MSN or or Google…most folks only use it for e-mail! What a waste of bandwidth! As went AOL, so goes Yahoo.

  4. … added that with vaccine rates at around 70 per cent, that “would allow true herd immunity to take place”.

    “Most people need to be immunised before we can go back to a normal life.”

    Better get my signs ready, “Moo – immunized by the Herd.” “Leave me alone – This cow can shoot.”

  5. IMHO, a second COVID wave will shut down all non-essential businesses/services, nationwide. You will only be able to leave your home for the exceptions of obtaining food or for a medical emergency. The Military will set-up armed, portable vaccination stations at any/all food distribution locations and require proof of vaccination before you can enter the store.

    I only denote one option for the Authorities to accomplish their scheduled goal of vaccinating 100% of the USA (and World?) population in such a short period of time. This way, the public is drawn to the Military—the Military does not need to go knocking on doors of angry and, possibly armed civilians to force vaccinations. If you are lucky enough to be an employed “essential” mobile worker, then you may be among the first to be vaccinated. Either way, time is on the side of the Authorities. They know where you work/live, and know that a majority of us cannot live off-the-grid, forever.

    How much food and water do you have stored in the event that you cannot purchase these items at your local store? How long can you lawfully remain in your current dwelling without access to your bank account, food, water, gasoline, medications, or electricity?

    Yes, that’s the ticket! Just get your VAX and you’ll be immune to everything and be free again! /s

    1. Let them put troops in every f-king store. It is meaningless. We just come in multitudes armed and take the f-king food.
      I do not like this scenario where you are pretending that each one of us is isolated and alone. We outnumber the mother f-kers we are up against a hundred to one. And who among them is going to be willing to sacrifice their life to save my life while I’m pumping rounds downrange at them in righteous defense of the supreme law of this land that they are breaking?
      I am free and will enforce that freedom, as is my right and duty to do so.

      1. Henry: I was attempting to stay on topic of this posted article, which implies that the VAX Authorities plan to have everyone vaccinated within 6-months. I was providing one scenario showing how they may do it.

        Both of us may die unnaturally in a pile of brass. Whether we die alone or in the company of 100 other fellow Patriots, remains to be seen. Just because people have guns, doesn’t mean that they will use them offensively, even if they are starving — they will take the path of least resistance.

        Most Americans are Law abiding citizens, even if the actions of their Government Leaders are unlawful. Where is the line in the sand, Henry? How far does the Middle Class have to be pushed before they push back? Again, this remains to be seen by actions, not words.

        It appears that I still don’t seem to fit your armchair warrior cast mold.

        1. Inretrospect,
          I don’t know who you are or what content you are using Inretrospect as a psuedonem for, but I am getting way past f-king tired of people who come to this site willingly, trying to get f-king smart with me.
          Armchair warrior?
          419 Ash Street, Chiloquin, Oregon, mother f-ker, come on by and see how fast I come out of this armchair and settle your f-king hash.
          I’m tired of people f-king telling me what these communists are going to do to me and what I might or might not do in response.
          You don’t know me and I don’t know you and if you don’t like what is written here and think you can chastise me for anything, you can get the f-k off this site. If that is the cast mold then that is the cast mold. I will speak my mind on every occasion, as is my right, and you can bet any notion of defeatism I will spit on.
          So everybody has a f-king gun but nobody is going to use one?
          Again, you don’t know me and you don’t know everybody in this united states, so when you speak, speak for yourself because you are not speaking for me and I will make that absolutely clear on every occasion.
          By God if I am starving or my family is hungry, get between me and what I need and you will find out exactly who I am.
          I’ve dealt you no insult. You have pulled that card out of your sleeve. You thought you would take a shot at me, whoever you are Inretrospect?

  6. No way will I willing take this so called shot. I haven’t lived for 80 years and remained DUMB! Never taken vacs for anything. Long live seasoned citizens!!!!!!

  7. Oh no! We are not swallowing, then we’ll get back to normal. The prior “normal” was unlawful, our Bill of Rights completely IGNORED, you CRIMINALS committing crimes right out in the open and walking free as a bird, still a corporation, etc, etc, etc,..
    We’ll make the new new!

  8. One of the points not being made is
    How many people already have the antibodies for this flu And being honest that is not what this is about anyways
    And not only won’t require any vaccine
    But should by science be exempt from it
    No point

    There’s all the guns in their faces at the Tim Hortons while we all grab our coffee and doughnuts
    Yeah f you Walmart
    Inventory low you say
    Well so will be your profit for the rest of your existence

    Don’t come at we the people like a rabid dog and think this is going to be some kind of cake walk
    We will own you bitches

    I can’t wait to see hundreds of pissed off US nationals stacked up on some senators , Congress critter, or judges doorstep , I should include state Governors

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