James Traficant’s Last Public Speech

As I recall the ‘Official Story’ was that Jim died when his tractor turned over on him … yeah, like Helen Chenoweth Hage died in a car accident …

10/02/2006 – Helen Chenoweth-Hage, a conservative firebrand who served three terms as an Idaho congresswoman, was killed October 02, 2006 when thrown from a car that overturned on an isolated central Nevada highway. Chenoweth-Hage was killed four months after the death of her husband, Nevada rancher Wayne Hage, who battled the federal government for decades over public lands and private property rights and came to epitomize the Sagebrush Rebellion in the West. Hage had been ill and died in his sleep at age 69.  http://www.lasvegassun.com/sunbin/stories/nevada/2006/oct/02/100210000.html

2 thoughts on “James Traficant’s Last Public Speech

  1. Traficant the maverick! Always forceful and never compromising. Thank God for his service. He knew what he was up against, yet did not waver.

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