John Taylor Gatto, RIP (1935-2018)

Information Liberation – by Chris Menahan

Anti-establishment maverick and award-winning New York school teacher John Taylor Gatto passed away last week at the age of 82.  

“The world’s most courageous teacher, John Taylor Gatto, has passed away,” reported on Monday. “It occurred on Thursday, October 25, 2018 in New York City, NY.”

John lived a life empowering young people to teach themselves.

Named the New York State Teacher of the Year twice, John was a public school teacher for 30 years who then spent another 20 years as a world renowned speaker giving over 1500 speeches in 9 countries.

His Work helped expose the origins and purposes of the government monopoly compulsory school system, which include the creation of obedient people who joyfully serve the state and giant corporations.

He spoke about more than the problems in public schools. He also revealed proven methods of learning that empowered his students and other young people throughout human history.

John said, “A true education doesn’t cost a penny.”

Gatto was the first person who “red-pilled” me straight out of high school with his book “Dumbing Us Down.”

Our public schools have gotten so much worse these days the somewhat subtle brainwashing of the past has never been more easy to see.

One of the most interesting topics he discussed is how elite private boarding schools focus heavily on public speaking, writing and learning through real world experience to help their students succeed — as opposed to the rote learning of public schools.

It’s still as relevant as ever:

Rest in peace.

Information Liberation

5 thoughts on “John Taylor Gatto, RIP (1935-2018)

  1. Thank you Galen for sending this in and to Laura and Henry for posting it.
    Very sad that we lost another Man who shared so much…What year! 🙁
    Rest In Peace John Taylor Gatto

  2. Imagine what our country and the whole world would be like if people like John Taylor Gatto had been given the reigns to truly educate every human?

  3. a few of John’s wise words …

    “The goal of real education is not to primarily deliver facts, but to bring you to the truths
    which allow you to take responsibility for your life.”

    “School is a perfect place to turn science into a religion,
    but it’s the wrong place to learn science, for sure.”

    “You can make your own son or daughter one of a kind
    if you have the time and will to do so;
    school can only make them part of a hive, herd or anthill.”

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