8 thoughts on “Kansas City, Missouri – 6/23. 70F 4:07pm Storm Alert

  1. I get these storm warnings on my cell phone, works pretty good, no storm though. Fizzled out. I posted just to let the interested amongst us where I was. Have a lot of time on this one to Ohio. Feels great to relax with an easy 470 miles a day.

    1. it was the weekend…they were short staffed at the weather control office…you lucked out 🙂

  2. Friday night took a run normally 6 hours but it rain the whole time was backing in 9 hours later and got my ass pulled over going though a one horse town . Cop gave me a warning and checked my c c p

  3. Had my hands holding the wheel as soon as he got to my door I let him know I have a gun on my hip he ask which side told him right he ask were my license were at told him right back pocket he told me to get it I did he went back to cop car them came back told me. Be safe slow down then I went on my way . He pull me over because he was bored

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