Kerry says US releasing millions in aid to Egypt

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CAIRO –  U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry says the Obama administration is rewarding the Egyptian government with financial aid because of Cairo’s promises of economic and political reforms.

Kerry says the U.S. is providing $190 million immediately as part of a larger pledge of $450 million over time.

Kerry says the money reflects Egypt’s “extreme needs” and President Mohammed Morsi’s commitment to satisfying conditions to close a $4.8 billion package of International Monetary Fund loans.

Kerry also says that a separate $60 million is for a new fund to provide direct support to Egyptian entrepreneurs and young people.

The announcement of the aid came after Kerry’s meeting Sunday with Morsi.

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4 thoughts on “Kerry says US releasing millions in aid to Egypt

  1. Can someone, ANYONE, please explain to me how we are slashing $85 billion dollars here at home and yet sending over half a billion to Egypt?!? Does anyone else find this just a wee bit INSANE?!? How is it that the government sees fit to send our money to foreign countries when we are bankrupt, living in tent cities and storm drains?!? When are we the people going to take a stand against this tyranny?!?

  2. nice – way to go you morons in Washington.

    When the hell does Washington get anything that resembles morals.

    I guess this trip Kerry is just the money Santa Claus and throwing it from his plane. Meanwhile I get more taken out of my paycheck to pay for medicare and social security that I probably won’t even have when I retire if I ever retire because who knows if I will be able to live in retirement. I am sure they will come after the piddly 401 k I have next to make sure I never get to retire.

    I am seriously considering leaving the country I am so sick of this insanity it is disgusting. If I was single I would of been gone years ago. But I probably should leave for my daughters future.

  3. Yea, and the more money printed by the fraudulent private reserve, the
    more worthless the money becomes. Hell, our gov cannot even afford to build a indestructible partition on the Mexican border. This is a priority.

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