Massachusetts Schools Send Kids Home With Letters Saying They Are ‘Too Fat’

Fox News 

Massachusetts schools are sending students home with letters to their parents, but the letters don’t have anything to do with grades or behavior – they have to do with weight! This is part of a new government initiative to tell parents when their child’s BMI (body mass index) is high and give them instructions on how to deal with weight issues.

Tracy Watson, whose son attends school in North Andover, asked, “Why aren’t we having nutritionists speak to our children? Why aren’t we hiring more gym teachers? There were a number of children that went to bed not feeling so great about themselves that night.”

Her son, Cameron, agreed. “You either are anorexic, that means you are too small. Or you get the obese letter that means you are too big. You can’t be ‘just right.’”

State and local lawmakers have joined the effort to fight the so-called “fat letters.”

6 thoughts on “Massachusetts Schools Send Kids Home With Letters Saying They Are ‘Too Fat’

  1. They sent them kids home because they were too fat? give me a break. They just wanted to use hat as an excuse to lighten up their work load in the class room I bet.

  2. Lets not forget the billions of dollars spent by food industry in GMO,research and implementation of chemicals and additives that guarantee food addiction at any age. Schools that have vending machines loaded with crap and junk food that they get a piece of the action. If you try and eat healthy the cost of food skyrockets or the FDA wants to shut you down swat style for providing real natural foods that are safe and put the so called offenders in jail.As a dear departed friend once said to me…”It’s all bullshit”

  3. That kid in the video is too fat? Someone should send the principal a letter telling him he’s too stupid.
    How can you even make that determination about a kid that young? Don’t they all shed their “baby fat” at different ages?

  4. It’s the parent’s job to take care of their children, not the gov’s to hire a nutritionist or more gym teahcers. FFS parents, give your child a healthy meal not a big mac and fries.

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