Kimberly Dvorak Spreads Ridiculous Claim About Hastings Engine

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In more than one appearance on San Diego’s Channel 6 News, “investigative” journalist Kimberly Dvorak has stated that the engine from Michael Hastings’ Mercedes c250 landed behind the wreck — defying, in her own words, the laws of physics.

She even claims to have consulted university professors. Here she commences dispensing this rank nonsense at the 2:00 mark:  

I am astonished that such statements can be received with straight faces. Yes, the crash did happen in Hollywood, but only in cinematic productions are the laws of physics defied.

I will now show you where the engine really landed.

Here is a screenshot from the Loudlabs footage, taken at the scene after the crash:


Note the streetlight pole to the left. Note also the manhole cover and the concrete slab it sits in, as well as the trees leaning over the sidewalk.

All of these are clearly visible in the following aerial shot from Google Maps –  click to enlarge:


That is the northeast corner of the intersection of North Highland Avenue and Clinton Street.

Zooming out — again, click to enlarge:


The car was speeding south on Highland as indicated by the white arrow.

The yellow flash indicates an explosion that took place. This explosion demolished the front end of the car and threw the engine southeast.

That is the only way the engine could have reached its final position.

Had the car hit the tree fully intact, the engine could not have passed through the tree, much less flown down the block.

I think two bombs were involved: one that destroyed the front end and threw the engine, and one that blew the gas tank, which could account for the massive fire. My analysis leading to this conclusion takes into account and matches up the damage to the car and to the tree:

Long story short, the Mercedes was already a wreck when it hit the palm tree, rotated, and landed, burning, in its final position facing slightly southeast.

There were many long days when outside of eating, sleeping, and answering to Nature, my sole activity was studying the details of that crash scene and deducing a scenario that explains all its oddities.

I’m glad wasn’t trying to swallow food when I saw Kimberly Dvorak on TV telling the world that the engine landed north of the wreck, behind it.

I sent a “friend request” to Kimberly on Facebook. She accepted it. I did not complain publicly on her timeline. I figured she had just gotten it backward somehow and decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. So I sent her private messages politely pointing out her error, providing a link where she could see for herself where the engine really landed, and asking that she correct it.

In Facebook, when you send a private message to someone, and they click in the message window, you are notified that the message has been seen.

Kimberly Dvorak saw my messages, and she never did respond.

Next thing I knew, I was watching a video of her up on RT news, spouting the same utter nonsense about university professors declaring that the laws of physics had been violated by the engine landing behind (north of) the wreck.

I have not yet seen Kimberly Dvorak retracting these ridiculous statements.

If she really did consult “university professors”, and they corroborated her nonsense, then they did not take the time to become familiar with the crash scene.

If she truly believes that the engine landed behind the wreck, then she should not be trusted as a source of information, especially when she ignores reliable sources of it.

3 thoughts on “Kimberly Dvorak Spreads Ridiculous Claim About Hastings Engine

  1. Well it’s obvious that Kimberly Dvorak is a cheap, lying whore who’ll say whatever she’s paid to say. She’s part of the treasonous filth that is Hollywood, and anyone who even pays that trash any attention is showing evidence of extreme stupidity.

    What we have here is just another bleach-blond Jew who stole a Christian last name to hide the fact that she’s a lying, stinking, KIKE.

    Now… I hate to sound like an anti-Semite, but the fact of the matter is that we’re being attacked by Jews, so there’s nothing wrong with identifying the enemy by the identity they’ve chosen for themselves.

    THEY decided to launch an attack on gentiles (or goyim), and THEY are motivated to do so by Judaism, and their Jewishness, so calling them dirty, stinking, lying, murderous Jew bastards is NOT anti-Semitic.

  2. Good grief, there was no bomb. I explained this to you and Stone the day after it happened. You guys need to give it a rest. Speed, dip in the road, loss of traction, vector to fir hydrant, high pressure fuel line ruptured, hit palm tree, launched engine, momentum spun around to final position. It’s really not that difficult to comprehend. Now, what we don’t know is if a drive by wire stuck.

    Bomb would have had to have been between cabin and engine to launch motor as you claim. Cabin relatively undeformed and hood still attached at passenger side.

    If you continue to push your flawed story, you will be relegated to the Jones bin….

    1. 1. There was no fire hydrant. If you can find a single fire hydrant along the medians of Highland Boulevard, much less prove there was one near the crash scene, then compile your own report and get it posted here.

      2. There was an intact front bumper panel in the debris field, containing a fully intact license plate frame. That thing could never have survived frontal impact with anything. If you can explain how it could, then compile your own report and get it posted here.

      3. How could a car hit a tree and the engine be thrown through the trunk, much less 130 feet down the block? If you can explain the physics of an engine, with transmission, passing through a tree trunk and still retaining enough momentum to fly over 100 feet, then please by all means do compile your own damn report and get it posted here.

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