The German firm has shown off the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 prototype, demonstrated on a German Autobahn, is a major step in an escalating race to develop self-driving vehicles.Daily Mail- by Mark Prigg

While Google is developing self driving cars, Mercedes has it eyes on a bigger prize – huge trucks that can drive themselves on the freeway.

The German firm has shown off the Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025 prototype, demonstrated on a German Autobahn, is a major step in an escalating race to develop self-driving vehicles.   Continue reading “The TRUCK that can drive itself: Mercedes shows off self driving system for freight vehicles – and say they will be on roads within 15 years”

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The name tag told me that the photo being circulated of hero Park Ji Young was horizontally flipped. So in her honor I have unflipped it and now present to you what she really looked like.

After the Korean ferry’s captain had fled the ship, she assisted passengers in getting onto rescue boats. When they asked her to come with them, she insisted that because she was a member of the crew, she would only accept rescue after the last passenger had received it. Continue reading “South Korean Ferry Hero Park Ji Young”


I am posting this article by my friend Steven Michaels with the following disclaimer:

My skepticism mainly arises from knowing that almost every computer made nowadays has a backdoor so that the NSA and similar spook agencies can keep tabs on what everyone is doing. All digital communications are monitored. So my question — and I think it is a damned good one — is this: how the hell did an international group of brainiacs work together to get their machine through planning, research and development, and actual construction, without getting wiped off the map, probably before they even got started? I approached Mike Harris with this question. He swatted me away like a pesky fly. Well, a gadfly I am. I ask good questions, and until I get the semblance of a reasonable answer, I will remain unsatisfied.   Continue reading “Did Rogue White Hats Kill the Fukushima Typhoons?”

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Last night, staying in a pension on Korea’s southwest coast, I was about to hit the hay when a Facebook friend sent me the following link:

I clicked. I waited. The article wouldn’t load. I stepped outside for some fresh air. When I came back, the server had timed out. I clicked again and again. Again and again, the same result. I told my friend it would have to wait for morning and went to bed.   Continue reading “James Is Not Jim Is Not Joe”

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Jim Stone is an extraordinary man. A prodigy from childhood getting shifted from foster home to dysfunctional foster home, at one point confined to a small attic for over a year in which he was not allowed to move for fear of making the boards creak, he nevertheless emerged an educated and well-adjusted adult whose intellectual acumen was sufficient to get him drafted into higher levels of clearance in the National Security Agency (NSA).   Continue reading “A Plea To Help Jim Stone”

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As I was in New York City on 9-11-01, lived through the trauma of that event and its aftermath, and later learned that it was perpetrated by Mossad in tandem with a domestic bunch of zionist dickhead traitorous scumbags (Cheney et. al.), I would like to commemorate the 12th anniversary of that event by dealing the elite money power – which plans, funds, and executes all such false-flag, black magic events – a good, hard kick in the nuts.   Continue reading ““It’s the usury, stupid!” — Understanding the Modern Money Con”

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Tonight, I stepped on a snail. I felt the shell give way, stopped, and in the lamplight could make out the wet spot.

Well, at least it died instantly.

I felt bad about it, as I always do. (It is a common summer occurrence.) The snail was sailing blissfully along at its snail’s pace and then — what? — maybe the blinding light flash we will all experience when that moment comes?   Continue reading “Why the “Elites” Are Lower Than the Animals”

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In more than one appearance on San Diego’s Channel 6 News, “investigative” journalist Kimberly Dvorak has stated that the engine from Michael Hastings’ Mercedes c250 landed behind the wreck — defying, in her own words, the laws of physics.

She even claims to have consulted university professors. Here she commences dispensing this rank nonsense at the 2:00 mark:   Continue reading “Kimberly Dvorak Spreads Ridiculous Claim About Hastings Engine”

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First, in case you are unfamiliar with the crash scene, a brief orientation.

The car crashed into a palm tree on the median adjacent to 621 North Highland Avenue (west side). It was traveling due south. An aerial shot from Google Maps:   Continue reading “Two Car Bombs at the Hastings Crash? The Evidence.”

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Jim Stone Forum member Paul Short posted this expert analysis of the following video.

The upshot: there was no dead body or even body parts at the scene. The wreckage is consistent with eyewitness testimony, and this analysis explains the gushing plume of water on the median.   Continue reading “Hastings Did Not Die in the Hollywood Crash. Period.”

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“For all 3 of those normal reasons, which account for virtually all car fires in modern cars, the fire would have started in the engine compartment, progressed slowly, and scorched the hell out of the paint before ever reaching the gas tank. That clean paint is the be all tell all, Michael Hastings was murdered, and the rest is detail.”   Continue reading “Michael Hastings OBVIOUSLY murdered by bomb on gas tank”

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According to the following article from the Los Angeles Times, Buzzfeed and Rolling Stone announced Hastings’ death on Tuesday:,0,5825533.story

Yet, as the very URL of that article makes clear, the coroner had yet to identify the body. Absent a positive identification, how were Buzzfeed and Rolling Stone confident enough to make that official announcement?   Continue reading “Questions about the Death of Michael Hastings”

Jim Stone Freelance – by Jim Stone

“In this day and age, where the lie is everything when it comes to the government and the zionist elite, you have to be thinking one step ahead and consider the types of things they might do next. When corruption becomes policy, it is YOU against the think tank.”

Hackers have succeeded in imitating facebook accounts and posting offensive stuff to people’s walls to destroy social networks set up by alternative truth sites. No one from this web site is posting anything of the sort to people’s walls, including ads, insults, or anything else of the sort. If your wall gets spammed or offended by anyone claiming to be associated with this web site, please report it via one of the anonymous forum log ins, including what the offensive content was. Screen captures work best. We will document this.  Continue reading “The Hack”

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I have a few questions about the alleged “terror” attack at Woolwich. I will ask them by way of a photo montage. All stills were taken from this video:

First, we have our “Islamic terrorist” assailant hanging around the scene of the crime and bragging about it into a passerby’s camera:   Continue reading “Questions about the Woolwich Slasher Incident”

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Totally new facts about Chris Dorner

Keep in mind while reading the following, that the censorship problems in my mail box are ongoing, with a high percentage of what I am getting being obvious attempts to get me to publish B.S. However, this really adds up to what we are seeing, so I am going to run with it.

According to what is arriving in my mail box, he NEVER KILLED OR THREATENED ANYONE. He did write portions of the manifesto I have posted, but his original manifesto had nothing about getting revenge ANYWHERE BUT IN COURT, and VIA EXPOSURE. It’s most likely a frame up folks, TO JUSTIFY DRONE USE IN AMERICA, AND BURY THE CRIMES OF THE LAPD. Continue reading “Is “Dorner” a Patsy to Justify Drone Strikes on U.S. Soil?”

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I am sure this will get censored under the current conditions but it is a good read for anyone. I won’t say who this is meant for, he will just know.

The math behind why you cannot be effective about growing food indoors without either a nuclear reactor or the light of the sun.

The most efficient light bulbs will only convert approximately 15 percent of the input electricity to light. Of this light, you will be lucky if you manage to get more than 75 percent of it to your plants. This means, in an ideal setup, you will get about 12 percent of your input power to the plants in a usable form.
Continue reading “Indoor Hydroponics Cannot Feed You: The Math”

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I can easily prove in no uncertain terms that ANY antidepressant will raise serotonin levels high enough to block an Ecstasy trip.

There are a couple reasons why an antidepressant will crank you up much higher than Ecstasy without (totally) tripping you out and without killing you, even though the end result is harder on your emotional neurons and will kill them faster than a full time Ecstasy high, and it’s easy to prove.
Continue reading “Antidepressants are far more powerful than Ecstasy”