16 thoughts on “Lafayette Theater Shooting Hoax!! REASON: H.R. 1217 – All About Perception

  1. Missy didnt send this in. We haven’t sent stories in over a year. Do not associate us with the claims that this is a hoax. We live in Lafayette, our daughter worked there and knows people that were there at the time and we know that it actually happened.
    Sometimes shootings actually happen. Every shooting isn’t a hoax. There are crazy SOBs out there.

  2. If the shooting did actually occur, it was an FBI and/or MOSSAD operation.

    Every shooting isn’t a hoax, but when it’s not, we’re lied to about who’s responsible for it. They may not all be hoaxes, but they definitely ARE all “government” operations……provably.

    1. OK JR.
      I understand that there are numerous false flags and numerous hoaxes. Are you really going to say that ALL shootings are government? THink about that for a minute.
      There are crazy MFers out there that do crazy things. Especially now with all of the crazy shit that the government is doing.
      Sometimes people lose their minds and do crazy things. There inst a mossad around every corner.
      Before you try to trash me, remember, I am not saying it doesn’t happen, but come on, ALL shootings?????
      This guy came here to kill. He planned it, he rehearsed it, he did it. He was planning an escape to create more havoc.
      I live here. I have been following this intensely since day one. I have looked at every possibility. The lies and crap you hear on faux, cnn, et al are not the same story that is out here. It is only the mainstream agenda that you hear. They are telling a story that helps the anti-gunners. Every day folks were in the theater that night from Lafayette. They saw what happened. They were not paid actors. They were people from my town.

      1. “I live here. I have been following this intensely since day one. I have looked at every possibility.”

        Which is EXACTLY why you should be reporting it on FTT.

        That’s what truthers do.

        1. #1,
          I am reporting it. I know there are numerous false flags, but people do go crazy and shoot. I wont say this guy was awake, but he was a part of a darker movement. He hated everything that wasnt part of his beliefs. He wanted to send a message similar to the westboro people. Except he wanted to do it with violence.
          THis guy was in town for about two weeks looking for his target. He had been spotted in Lake Charles about 50 miles from here doing the same thing. My guess is he was headed there next. The movie he went to was a movie that a guy like him would never go to. Why did he pick that one? The kind of people who see that movie were people he hates.
          Everyone talks about the quick response time of the cops. The grand theater always has two Lafayette cops there because they have had a lot of trouble there in the past. There is a 30 second response time because they are in the lobby. Acadian Ambulance has always been good at their jobs as well. The girl related to the Acadian Ambulance guy is from here. Someone was saying that her accent doesnt sound like Louisiana. Not everyone in Louisiana sounds like Troy from the alligator show.
          Firetrucks did respond. They just were not allowed in the parking lot because the guy was still shooting. SWAT was there so quickly because Lafayette Swat are also patrol cops and carry their gear in their trunks. They do not have a dedicated team.
          As I said before, my daughter worked there for several years and knows people who were inside when this went down.
          People need to realize that there are crazy SOBs (besides the government ones) out there and they want to do bad things. That is why we should always be armed.
          We need to be on the lookout for crazy MFers and government ones. They both exist.

          1. the only thing that I will add is that a friend of mine has a son that is reserve cop for Lafayette. He said that they are quietly looking for “someone who could have assisted him” not in the shooting, but in the prep.
            That could mean that the guy was assisted by the gov??????
            But the shooting did happen.

  3. The info. I’ve seen claiming this is a false flag is not strong enough for me. Either way, this will be used to continue the infringements, that is certain. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” Another incident that makes it obvious that people should be carrying to protect themselves and others.

    1. even bobby is on board with expanded backgrounds now.

      My take on this is as follows:
      The last two shooters (SC and LA) should not have been able to purchase a firearm as the (illegal) law is written. Mr. fed supposedly “screwed” up and let both of them. Alabama denied a CCP to the Lafayette shooter, but Mr. fed allowed him to purchase.
      I personally think that Mr. fed is intentionally srewing up and allowing people to purchase weapons that they think could possibly lose it and kill. They dont care where. They dont care how. They just want it to happen. Dead Americans help their anit-gun agenda.

  4. Is Emily Mann really from Louisiana? She has an accent/inflection that sounds more like she’s a S. Cal ‘valley girl’. She claims to have been born and raised in the Lafayette area but I’m not buying it. Also the (alleged) fact that she’s the daughter of the security/emergency response company exec. seems a bit too convenient, as well.

    Two women are dead…or at least that’s the claim, and several more were wounded. In a dark theater there could’ve been more than one shooter. How honest will the police investigation, post mortems, etc. be in the wake of all of this? IF it was a staged govt. ‘op’ then the truth will be buried, as it usually is.

  5. FTT must have hit a nerve, and brought the ZOG trolls out. For the love of God YOUR PRESIDENT OF THE NATION IS A HOAX!!!! WITH AKA’s and different SS #’s.
    These trolls are scared, and they better be!

    1. Hey philly,
      I’m guessing you are from philly. I actually am from Lafayette! I have been watching this crap since day one! I am not a zog troll!
      FTT didn’t bring out the trolls. People are aloud to think for themselves. I did my own research and found that this one actually happened!

      I will stop posting as me and continue posting as Bulldog. I welcome the debate on this one. 🙂

  6. I live 25 miles west of this production , & would call this a theatrical production I M O .Number 1 w/ the amount of b/s attacks occurring often . Also w/ randall mann being at the forfronte w/ his daughter as an I witness .

  7. Woke up to this all over the mainstream and my first thought was where are the fire trucks if an alarm was pulled? Had a line of squad cars rushing to the scene.
    Dont know “me”, but the same set up interviews on every mainstream less than twelve hours after it happened smells to me.
    First think I thought was f**k, they did it again.

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