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I have previously posted 911 material from investigators I did completely agree with. One was Dr Judy Wood. Another was Barbara Honegger. Today I would like to present some material from Rebekah Roth who wrote the book Methodical Illusion which I have not read. I am using two long radio interviews as my source. Roth is I think a pen name. She did work for airlines for 30 years which gives her valuable insights other 911 investigators lack.  

  1. Rebekah Roth has worked for airlines. She says airline workers begin all phone calls to their companies with their airline employee ID numbers. None did that on the FBI’s 911 calls. Calls would have been dropped before 27 minutes were up. A long call would alert the hijacker and enrage him.
  2. (It would appear that Rebekah Roth is a pen name. She is a devout Christian and was a volunteer firefighter. She says when she watches TV News she tells her husband ‘Let’s see what lies they want us to believe and who they want us to hate.’)
  3. She has seen the original passenger manifestos. There were no Arab names on board the planes.
  4. Professional airline workers would not call friends and family. Nor would they call people who put customers on hold. They would call someone who could contact NORAD immediately.
  5. Flight 93 was the ‘Let’s Roll’ plane. It was alleged that the flight attendants gave several men hot coffee to throw at the hijackers. That never happened. Coffee spilled on the flight computer between the pilot and co-pilot would have brought the plane down. Jeremy Glick, a judo champion, was on Flight 93 and would not have needed a pot of coffee to use against a 5’8″ hijacker.
  6. (I previously believed the Flight 93 plane had been electronically hijacked and the crew had successfully taken back the controls  which explained to me why the plane was shot down by a US military missile. I will have to reconsider that position.)
  7. One of the alleged hijackers was an FAA employee. He went to the FBI and said neither he nor his brother were one of the 911 hijackers. His brother had died in a small plane crash the year before.
  8. The cockpits had emergency axes which the pilot and the co-pilot could have used. The tallest of the crew members was Captain Burlingame at 6′ 3″. Imagine what would happen if a 5′ 6″ or 8″ hijacker armed with a box cutter attacked a man 4 to 8 inches taller armed with an axe.
  9. Betty Ong’s call on Flight 11 is problematic. She called reservations which normally puts people on hold. According to the FBI transcript, she said, ‘He is on the stairs.’ There are no stairs on a 767 but there are on the much larger 747. Roth thinks Ong was trying to warn experienced airline personnel that she was inside a hangar which did have stairs.
  10. CC Lyles was on Flight 93. She had previously been a police officer for 6 years. She supposedly left a message for her husband on their answering machine. That Phone Call was allegedly made while the plane was descending  6,000 to 10,000 feet a minute at a 40 degree angle. There should have been a lot of noise from frightened passengers as the plane would be losing parts but there was none. At the end of the call the phone is handed to another woman who says, ‘You did very well, honey.’
  11. Daniel Lewin, an Israeli trained commando, was sitting on passenger seat 9B on Flight 11. According to the FBI version of 911, he was taken out by a 5 ‘ 6″ hijacker wielding a box cutter. That is not credible.
  12. A few of the first phone calls had passengers refer to flight attendants as air hostesses as in a man stabbed an air hostess. Flight attendants in the US have never been called hostesses. Until 1968 they were called stewardesses. Israelis call their stewardesses air hostesses.
  13. A purser (chief flight attendant) who had been assigned to a 911 flight flew to Boston from her home in Miami. She was told her flight was cancelled. She returned home. On the morning of 911 she discovered recordings on her home phone saying ‘Bin Laden, Bin Laden. If this is traced back to Israel, it will not go well for the Jews.’
  14. Hundreds of millions of dollars of bullion was stolen from vaults at World Trade Center in the early morning hours of 911.
  15. $240 billion in bonds went missing and was stolen from the WTC.
  16. In September of 2001 she read an article from BBC saying that at least 6 of the alleged hijackers were still alive.
  17. $2.3 trillion was missing from the Pentagon. The people tracing the missing trillions died on 911.
  18. Planes are made of aluminum. They could not penetrate the Kevlar reinforced walls at the Pentagon. At least the tail of the plane would have been visible from the lawn.
  19. Jamie of McIntyre of CNN reported no plane hit the Pentagon on the morning of 911. In his words “From my close-up inspection, there’s no evidence of a plane having crashed anywhere near the Pentagon.”
  20. Nor could aluminum planes cut the steel. She immediately knew something wrong on the morning of 911 when she saw the planes go through steel girders.
  21. Cell phone calls cannot work at that altitude.
  22. Flight 93 left from Newark to San Francisco. It was at 38,000 feet when cell phone calls were alleged to have been made.
  23. Attendants had Common Strategies protocols to be used in hijackings. For example, she would say I am being methodical. We are in for a long flight. The words methodical and long flight would have signaled a hijacking.
  24. In a real hijacking the pilot would enter a 4 digit hijack code that would alert the FAA and NORAD. None of the pilots did.
  25. During hijackings flight attendants have code words to use that were given to them by the FAA and their employers.
  26. Passenger manifests are not made available until relatives of the passengers and crew have been notified. On 911 passenger manifests were made available prior to family notifications.
  27. Two flight attendants mentioned mace and pepper spray but they did not cough. To Roth this signified that the plane was on the ground in a hangar because the planes were not pressurized. Any pepper spray emitted in flight during pressurization would have spread throughout the plane causing coughing but none is heard during the calls.
  28. Roth expects what is coming to America to be worse than Mad Max.
  29. Roth speculates that the 4 planes were landed on national guard air bases that were abandoned except on weekends. They told the crews and passengers there was a drill. They were most likely killed by a poison gas. The bodies were disposed in incinerators. The aircraft were likely stolen and sold for a profit. Older military planes were used to strike the WTC Towers.
  30. There was no plane at the Shanksville ‘crash site.’
  31. Peter Hansen was a passenger on Flight 175. Three minutes before impact in New York he said in a call to his father that he was near Chicago. Another passenger said he was somewhere over Ohio.
  32. The passenger Tom Burnett called his wife and said he was hijacked. But that was one minute before the official NTSB-FBI timeline said his plane was hijacked.
  33. WTC 7 contained SEC evidence against ENRON, Global Crossing and Worldcom which would have exposed Wall Street to billions of dollars in liabilities.
  34. Rabbi Dov Zakheim was the head of SPC International which had flight termination systems that controlled airliners remotely. They were put in place on airliners in the 1990s so that the planes could either be taken over and landed safely or flown into buildings. That company also had a subsidiary called TriData which helped to rebuild the WTC after the 1993 bombing. They were the only ones with WTC building plans. Those blueprints are still not available at this time. They were needed to plant cutter charges inside the Towers.
  35. On 911 Delta Flight 1989 out of Boston was forced to land at Cleveland due to a bomb threat.
  36. On Charlie Hebdo Roth said there was a videographer on the building next door with a bullet proof vest. The ‘terrorists’ left their IDs on their getaway car. Both very suspicious.
  37. Malaysian Flight 370 was likely in Roth’s opinion landed at Diego Garcia, an American base in the Indian Ocean.
  38. The German Wings plane was an Airbus. It has fly by wire technology but unlike Boeing it did not have redundant systems. There was an airbus accident at Paris caused by a passenger in a front row playing a disk player that used a laser to play. That forced the US to issue a ruling that electronic devices could not be played below 10,000 feet. The Flight Data recorder was less than 10 feet from the Cockpit Voice recorder. There was a fire limited to the Flight Data recorder but did not harm the Voice Cockpit recorder and adjacent passenger luggage.

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  1. Heard her on Hagmann…while I was already convinced that 9-11 was a false flag, Rebekka Roth convinced my husband, FINALLY!, that 9-11 was bogus. Thanks to VidReb as well…Roth’s story MUST get out faster!

  2. “There was no plane at the Shanksville ‘crash site.’

    Or any of the others, for that matter.

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